Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More non-baseball twaddle: Entourage Holiday Bro-tacular

Vince, Eric and Turtle are sitting in Vince's new place. Drama comes out with a steaming pan of food.

D: Merry X-mas everyone, get your plates ready for some egg nog cassarole.

V: Merry x-mas to you Johnny, and that smells great may I had. You know its great we can still celebrate the holidays together, even though we've all moved out into our own places.

T: And I've got a present for all of you bitches - O Tannen-bud, Jolly old St. Ni-chonic, that sticky evergreen pine leaves.

E: Evergreens don't have leaves, Turtle, they have needles.

Turtle finishes unwrapping several joints from a napkin he pulled out of his pocket. T: Whatever E, you want your x-mas present or not?

V: I'll accept your present, Turtle. How very thoughtful of you.

D: I'll smoke with you, Turtle. Just as soon a I finish my Fitness Made Simple workout.

E: Fitness Made Simple, by fitness celebrity John Basedow?

D: He's the one. Guy's workout is the best. He makes Chuck Norris' Total Body Workout look like dog shit.

E: Isn't Chuck Norris kind of an asshole in real life, too?

Turtle, after taking a big toke of a joint: True dat. Chuck Norris fact: huge fag.

The gang all laughs. Eric's phone rings.

E: Ari - whats the good word.

Ari slams the door of his black S class Mercedes carrying 2 iPhones and talking on a third.

A: Two words Eric, Summer's Eve, as in you need to wash out that god damn vagina of yours, I can smell you from here Eric, the tuna has spoiled.

E: Shut the fuck up Ari.

A: No, E, let me tell you has a friend: you need to start douching your vagina. People are starting to talk.

E: Oh yeah you fuckin prick? Well talk to me about Don Helmut. When are his checks to the Medellin funding coming in?

A: Dinner tonight - he's brining the checks, so for fucks sake, wash your fucking vagaina.

Ari hangs up at Eric and then gives the finger to some guy who rides by on a bike and nearly hits him.

Later on at the restaurant Vince and Eric walk and and Ari comes out to greet him.

A: Hurry up and sit down, I don't know how much longer Don is going to last.

Eric and Vince look at him quizzically. Then they notice in the background Don, chugging a magnum of Champagne, flanked by 3 beautiful prostitutes.

DH: Look how fast I can drink this Champagne you whores!

Eric, Vince and Ari sit down at the table cautiously.

E: So, Don, I heard you brought some checks with you?

DH, shouting: In a minute, Eric - If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of busy with these whores!!!

Don puts his face between one of the prostitutes clevage and shakes his back and forth. Then picks his head up and looks at Vince.

DH: Vince! Look at these tits!!! They're big enough to play telephone operator with!!!

Don grabs one boob of another prostitute and puts it next to his ear. Then he grab the other boob and begins sucking on and saying "Hello!? Hello?!"

DH: Gentlemen - A toast!!!

Ari: Sure Don, I'm as much for mixing business with pleasure as anyone but aren't you taking it easy these days?

DH: Easy? What the fuck do I have to take it easy for? I'm back on top baby! I AM THE CHAMPION! In fact, forget these weak french shit [Don tosses the bottle of champagne carelessly behind him] I didn't buy all this blow to not snort it!

V: We just don't want to see you over do it Don. We want to be able to make more movies with you after Medellin.

DH: Over do it? [Don picks his nose up from a mound full of cocaine he had just dumped all over one of the prostitute's ass]. How could I over do it? I'm the best! The world's fucking greatest of mankind!!!

E: No one is saying otherwise Don but is all this really necessary?

DH: DON HELMUT DOES WHAT DON HELMUT WANTS!!! [Don stands up and kicks his chair over] You know what I haven't done since last time I got this fucking gaked up? [Don pulls out a hand gun and loads a bullet. Everyone else freaks out]. That's right, it's didi mao time! I don't know why everyone calls it Russian Roulette. The only people I've ever seen do it are chinks and slopes!!!

A: Don - think about what you're doin babe. Put the gun down.

DH: Hey! He're to being number one!

Done puts the gun under neath his chin and pulls the trigger. The bullet blows his brains out the top of his skull and he collapses dead on the table, tipping it over and making a colossal mess.

E: Holy Shit

V: Whoa

A [with one raised eyebrow]: I would have put my money on V.D. getting him first, but I gotta give him credit for style.

E: So what do we do now?

A: I think we all know what we have to do now. Vince is doing Thundercats.

V: Ari - how can you say something like that?

Ari just holds his palms up and stammers.

V: Ari -you know I want to do something meaningful in my career, and not the big box office schlock. It may not matter to you, but it matters to me. And you're supposed to know this Ari.

A: Yeah but Vince, baby, I'm your agent!

V: Not anymore Ari. You're fired. Come on Eric, lets go.

A dumbfounded Ari is left my Don Helmut's corpse and an equally shocked Eric follows Vince out of the restaurant.

Eric is now driving Vince home.

E: You know you really impressed me in there Vince. I didn't think you had that in you.

V: I liked Ari, Eric, I really did. But he just doesn't know what I want right now.

E: Which would be specifically?

V: You know Eric. I want to make some arty film for a couple months a year, then wander in and out of meaningless relationships as I sex up the beautiful women in hollywood, and then kick back and smoke a little bud. That's all I want really. To act a little and then bone all sorts of crazy hot ass and get high. Why can't Ari get that?

E: I don't know Vince, but I really wish I would finally accomplish some of my personal goals as well.

V: Yeah? You're not accomplishing you goals, Eric?

E: No, to be honest I'm not. All I want is to take care of my clients.

V: You mean client? It's still just me.

E: Right, but thats fine, all i need is you as a client. All I need to to manage your career. And have a girlfriend that walks all over me.

V: Wait, what was that last part?

E: You know, I just want a girlfriend to tell me what to do all the time. And kinda, not respect anything I do or say. And belittle my opinion. And then step on my balls after sex. But you know this.

V: Yeah, I did know this. Look Eric, you're my best friend, so I'm telling you this cause I love you, but you're a bitch.

E: What?

V: It's true, you just want to be a little bith. You want to remove your cock and balls and replace them with a big sandy vagina. It's not that I'm ragging on you, it's just that you are the definition of a pussy.

E: Yeah, you know, you really all right. I should stop fighting it and just accept the fact that I'm a bitch. And you know, now that I have, it's not so bad.

V: Hey, some people are bitches, no big deal.

E: All right, all right, good talk, but we still have to worry about how we're getting money for Medellin now that Don Helmut is dead.

V: Eric, you worry to much, things will work out.

E: That's what you always say.

Vince and Eric get back to Vince's home where Drama and Turtle are over playing the video game Rock Band.

E: Have you guys been hear playing Rock Band the whole time.

T: No, we also hit the bong a little bit. Yo I'm baked like muffins yo!

V: Sounds better than our day.

T: What happens at dinner?

E: It was a disaster - Don Helmut died and now we have no funding for Medellin. Then Vince fired Ari.

D: I'm sorry bro. Things went better for me when I talked to my agent. Turns out my TV show has been going so well that I'm now able to get decent parts in real movies. Now I'm cmpletely content. My career is back to a respectable level. I can still get high and clown around with Turtle, and I have enough ridiculously gay outfits to keep me looking like a vain fruitcake for years. I really have everything I need.

T: Oh yeah, and Vince, I found something earlier today that I think you can use.

Turtle pulls a box up from next to the couch and opens it.

T: It's a box of money! I found it in the back yard. There's like, 150 million in there so that should cover your Medellin money and leave plenty left over for me to buy ass loads of weed and stupid colored Yankee hats.

E: Hey, Turtle! Great! And I found out I can be happy leading this miserable pathetic bitch of a life.

T: Thats great it suits you, bitch.

V: You know what, I'm going to call Ari back. Now that we've got money, I'll rehire him and give him another shot.

D: So we're all happy and nothing ever changes. That calls for a fucking X-mas toast. Lets break out the Cuervo!

Everyone toasts together: Merry fucking Xmas!!!!

D: And a totally sweet and awesome New Years, bros.

The end

Monday, December 24, 2007

More Non-baseball pablum: Loki and Puck

Loki: Many years ago I convinced Thor of the Aesir that the reason for his impotence was that he was pregnant.

Puck: Pregnant?

Loki: Mm. He's not very bright.

And I told him to lie face down and naked on his sleeping furs until I came and delivered him of child.

P: And he listened to you?

L: I was disguised as a wandering physician. And, as I said, he's-

P: Not very very bright?

L: Exactly.

So I fed him a gallon of castor oil, pained his arse blue and shoved a cork in his bum-hole.

P: Why?

L: Because it amused me to do so. I told him it was the cure of his condition. Then I went off to sleep with his wife.

P: Ho Hoh!

L: She wasn't much of a lay. But it amused me to know it would destroy him if he ever found out.

So Thor is lying down with a cork up his fundament for a week and a day, while his insides continue to rumble their course.

And now he's got a pain in his gut like you wouldn't believe, as the pressure continues to build...

I'd told him he might experience some pain. That it was common in pregnancy.

Suddenly, into the room, through the open window, boundsRatatosk, the squirrel who lives in the branches of the World Tree.

Ratatosk is curious as any little squirrel.

And he climbs on top of Thor's straining buttocks and he - pulls out the cork.


It's an explosion - eight days' worth of oiled shit thunders forth from the fundament of the Lord of Storms.

And the mighty Thor sits up, and looks around, and sees Ratatosk on the ground, stunned, glassed, befouled.

And slowly, with hands as big as ham hocks, he picks up the little animal, and stares at it.

And then, with one ponderous motion, he clasps it into his bosom.

"You're ugly," he says, "you're hairy and you're covered in shit. But you're mine, and I love you!"

Puck and Loki: Heehehehehehehehahahahehehahehehahe!

The end

What did the deaf, blind and crippled Brave fan get for Christmas?


Happy holiday everyone. Except for the Braves. Specifically Larry Jones. I wish him an unmerry x-mas. A frigid, melancholic, disatrouous and painful xmas to you, Larry, you worthless piece of dogshit.

But merry xmas to everyone else.

So i'm crazy bored at work and will probably just leave soon because this entire neighborhood is a ghost town except for the for bums defecating all over the benches surrounding my office.

I'm so friggin bored that I actually looked up a bunch of old songs from summer camp and am singing them to myself right now. I am quite literally the only person in my office today.

Oh god work is so lonely.

Tho I did find this hilarious picture from something awful.
Haha, Albert Swerengen.

Anyway, for my xmas present, i would like Dave Magadan, Rory B. Bellows and Shea Stadium to post some more. Are you even still reading the blog? Hello? Guys?

As you can see, i removed Simon Adebisi from the rolls for lack of posting, (that experiment worked well) so clearly i mean business.

Ok im going to go shoplift for jesus. happy ramadan! And oh yeah, fuck dominick the fucking donkey.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, a Wise guy, eh?

So while most of this off season has been rather doo doo, Omar made a nifty little move just now by signing Matt Wise, a pretty decent reliever for 1 year/$1.2 million. And as Eric Simon pointed out in the preceding link (what, you didn't click yet you lazy son of a bitch?) We basically traded 34 year old (Guillermo Mota) with a career ERA+ of 107, for a 32 year year old (Matt Wise) also with a career ERA+ of 107 AND saved over a million bucks.

Building a quality bullpen without committing multiple years to steroid abusers, are we now? Great fucking idea, Omar. Glad to see you decided to step up and act like a GM again.

I guess there is some concern about Wise falling apart last year after he crushed Pedro Lopez' (who?) face with a fast ball back in July, but I actually consider that a plus. This guy sounds like a bad ass to me. A real killer. We need more guys like Matt Wise and his insatiable lust for murder on this team.


That reminds me of a story.

So I was headed over to my speaking engagement at the local Junior League when I realized I was still carrying my boom box with me from the night before. It was a noon meeting and after tea I was due up. Instead of the lecture I prepared on Transcendentalist Allusions in 20th Century Sequential Art, I just broke out the boom box and started singing along. After each song I would turn up the music a little louder and bang my head a little harder - my boom box only contains the heaviest of metal. The audience was enthralled.

The ultimate track was also the loudest. It's chorus left no Junior Leaguer unmoistened.

For her lust, shell burn in hell
Her soul done, medium well
All through mass manual stimulation

I left the track on repeat and continued...




...until it truly was...


Friday, December 14, 2007



Thank you gomets2008, the commenter and Trentonian, for making my week so much brighter.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Big Pud is smrt

No sooner had the ink dried on Big Pud's generous $5 one year contract with the Nads did it get revealed that Lo Duca was one of the biggest pushers of HGH and steroids around the league.


There is so much more to this that you can find from better sources, but I just hope some certain Lo Duca apologists, whose names might rhyme with Att Ferrone, realize that this is just one more of many symptoms of horrible the stupidity that afflicts Big Pud. well Bowden, you may have fleeced Milledge from us, but you really fucked up on this one.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bowden is stil an idiot - and more non-baseball crap

Let's get the baseball out of the way first. Bowden is a dumb shit. Chris Needham does an excellent job explaining to Nads fans why Paul Lo Duca is a degenerate waste of life, and also why it would be unconscionably stupid to sign him to play catcher, though at least it would give me someone to heckle now that stupid Churchie is a member of the Blue and Orange.

Moving on to the crap, it seems as though ChickSpeak is the gift that keeps on giving. Long time commenter and surly penguin, Rockyourface, was kind enough to share his own Reltionship Resume with us. Here's to hoping you "learn from the mistakes you made- or your partner made- in past relationships, and not drag them into the next loving connection," Rockyourface. I would also like to quickly add that Rockyourface left out the fact that he invented a new form of spooning with partner whose relationship was omitted from his resume. The move is called Ladling and is applicable when your ladle-partner resembles and weighs as much as Tony Siragusa.

Name: Roque Yorfass

Star Characteristics: Average Height, Average Length, Average Girth

University: Naughty America University

Degree: B.A. in Fart Hamology

Applicable Experience: 12 years using my right hand, Watched my dog hump another dog on my back porch while eating breakfast

Objective: A strong meaningful relationship with my soul-mate. My soul-mate being defined as anyone whose appearance accounts for less than 50% of my vomiting the next morning (booze accounting for the rest).


High School

Sophomore Year - Junior Year: Dated Ms. Knocked-Up alot

I liked:
  • Innocent Rounds of Mini-Golf
  • Holding hands at lunch
  • Holding hands on weekends
  • Dry-humping in mesh shorts
I disliked:
  • Holding hands at lunch
  • Holding hands on weekends
  • Dry-humping any other time
  • When she got preggers by another dude
Senior Year - Dated Ms. Could Hardly Read

I liked:
  • Hand jobs
  • Her youthful vivaciousness
  • Even more dry-humping
I disliked:
  • Hand jobs
  • Hand jobs
  • Hand jobs, not leading to blow jobs

Freshman Year - Dance Floor Make Out with Don't Remember

I liked:
  • Making out
  • Over the shirt boob feeling
  • Taking her from my insane friend
I disliked:
  • Look, I really don't remember it, alright?
  • Don't judge me
Freshman Year - Hooked up with Walrus

I liked:
  • Someone else using their right hand
  • She did not sleep in my bed
I disliked:
  • Myself afterwards
  • Anytime my wang touched anything for a week afterwards
Every Year Since College:

Dated: Girl Who Wanted to Date me in High School

I liked:
  • She was out of my league
  • She weighed less than me
I disliked:
  • Cuddling
  • Spooning
  • Soul-crushingly boring conversations

Monday, December 3, 2007

More non-baseball crap: Relationship Resume

Without going into too much detail, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of the website, Chickspeak. Like most of males, I am clueless about women and awed by their many splendors. By religiously reading Chickspeak, I hope to *ahem* keep abreast with young women who seek inspiration for 'Big Dreams, Strong Values and Success in the world', so that I may connect on a deeper, more personal level with these women, and then feel their splendors.

In any event, I'm still bummed about the exodus of Blastings Thrilledge and would like to digress a bit from baseball. Our tangent springs from this marvelous piece of advice. Below is our own Relationship Resume.

Kent D. Namo

Star Characteristics: Powerful, Potent and Pungent

University: School is for nerds

Degree: Black Belt

Applicable Experience: Super-AIDs. Also my elbow once accidentally brushed up against a boob.

Objective: To be comfortable with myself and to learn from past relationships about what I want to achieve in future relationships. I hope to meet a woman that fills my needs, and I will then get to fill her.


High School: Dated Whatsherface

I liked:
  • sweet make out sessions
  • playing tonsil hockey
  • exploring her mouth with my mouth
  • driving around in my Ford Mustang and making out
I disliked:
  • when she dumped me for that other asshole
  • her stupid face
  • what a bitch

Freshman year: totally plowed Whatshername

I liked:
  • I swear to god I did
  • you dont believe me? dude, everyone bone whatshername
  • no it was that time after finals winter term, no one else was around
  • whatever, I fucking did. fuck you.
I disliked:
  • I know she did like, a thousand other guys, thats what I just said
  • Do you think I care for one moment?
  • You're just mad you never got a chance
  • I was not a virgin!
  • Eat shit
Junior Year: Dated... wait... wait... oh yeah, her!

I liked:
  • Her living nearby
  • Her coming over late at night
  • Me never calling her any other time
  • Only interacting while drunk

I disliked:
  • Seeing her in class
  • Seeing her at night before I had gotten drunk
  • That time she got pissed just because I gave that sketchy townie all her tip money to go score drugs
  • So I made a slight error in judgment, big deal
  • Plus, what if he had come back with a bunch of drugs, that would've been sweet man, for sure

Every year since college: My annual birthday hooker

I liked:
  • The simple, uncluttered interface of the erotic services page on craigslist
  • Cheaper than mail order brides
  • It beats crying myself to sleep alone

I disliked:
  • Angry pimps
  • The painful reminder of failure
  • Chlamydia

Well that was a great soul-plunging fun. So now I am supposed to get laid tonight, right? I hope so, I don't want to have to go through this again.

Friday, November 30, 2007

We got raped

So we gave up this:

and got this:

and some other douche named Snyder or some shit.

Great. We got played by Jim fucking Bowden.

Good job Omar. You fucking Omar.

For real anal(raping)ysis see Klaw's take.

What? You don't have ESPN insider you penurious jerk? Here is a quote:

"[Scheider] is the definition of replacement level and paying him $10 million is bad enough. Giving up something of value to acquire that contract is horrible. It would be better to pay Johnny Estrada $3-4 million to be bad for one year than Schneider over $10 million to be worse for two years."

This could get ugly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Entourage Episode 2: It Feels Good to Be Back on Top

Eric pulls up to a LA mansion in his Maserati sports car. Vince coolly walks out of the house, hugs a fine ass babe, puts on sunglasses, waves and gets in Eric's car.

E: Looks like last night was a success.

V: I would call it a success, yes.

E: Such a success that you'll ever call this girl again?

V: Cassandra? Hmmm... probably not.

E: Unbelievable.

V: Well what about your new girl, did you two have a success while I was gone?

E: You mean fuck her? I don't need to fuck Bethany for it to be a success, Vince.

V: That's my boy, E, without you, who would keep romance alive.

E: Certainly not you. But listen, we need to talk more about Thundercats.

V: Do we really? E, I just spent all day clearing my head, the last thing I want to do is cloud it up by discussing a movie about talking cats.

E: Well Ari has been driving me batshit calling about it. If you don't do Thundercats you need to do something.

V: You know what I want to do? Get Medellin distribution.

E: Allright, if I talk to Ari about Medellin will you at least read the Thundercats script.

V: Sure E, whatever you say.

E: Great, I'll call Ari as soon as we get back.

The scene shift to Drama and Turtle walking down a trendy Hollywood boulevard.

T: So you're going to make me get a rub and tug alone, Drama?

D: Sorry Turtle, now that I'm on a primetime network program I can't risk getting caught on camera coming out of one of those places.

T: Like anyone gives a shit who jerks you off.

D: Regardless Turtle, I'm getting my next piece of ass the old fashion way.

T: Fine, then comes with me to the bar and help me pick up chicks.

D: You really want to go to a singles bar, Turtle? Singles bars are so... desperate.

T: I am desperate, Drama!

D: God, you must be. All right, Turtle, I will do everything in my power to help you get laid tonight.

T: Thank you.

D: Nah, you know what bro, we're doing more than just taking some home some one night stand, we're going for the holy grail of hook ups.

T: Now you're talking.

D: Turtle, today, we will be having threesomes!

Turtle and Drama high five.

The action moves to Eric pacing the house waiting for Ari to answer.

A: Eric, what the fuck is up? And don't say your diminutive Irish prick, because Lloyd is already fully turgid, any more excitement and his going to ruin his new iMac that I just bought the whole office.

L: Ari, leave poor Eric alone!

E: I called to talk about Medellin, Ari.

A: Holy shit you must have read my mind, I was about to bring up Medellin. I though leprechauns just hoarded pots of gold at the end of rainbows, I didn't know they had ESP too. Have you been banging Miss Cleo, Eric?

E: Will you shut the fuck up and just say whatever is it is you've got to say about Medellin?

A: How about you and Vince get dressed up and meet me tonight at the new fancy Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant so you can meet our new bankroll.

E: We got funding or Medellin? That's great news.

A: Not just yet, E, that's what dinner is for, so don't ruin your appetite.

Ari hangs up and turns to Lloyd: All right Lloyd, get me those reservations. And not at the places you like to go, my leather pants and ball gag haven't come back from the try cleaners.

L: You are going to get yourself into a heap of trouble with that talk one of these days, Ari Gold.

A: Oh, Lloyd, this would be so less fun if you were black.

It is now later at night and Vince and Eric walk into the fancy restaurant to meet Vince, who is sitting with an older gentleman.

A: Boys, come here, I want to introduce you to the man of the hour, Mr. Don Helmut.

DH: Vince! I'm a huge fan!

V: Don, pleasure to meet you.

E: Hi Don, I'm Eric Murphy.

DH: Eric! Vince! Boys! Let me ask you, have you guys ever been down on your luck?

E: Well I wouldn't say we've had bad luck but we certainly went through pretty tough time while shooting this movie.

V: Of course it was all a labor of love.

DH: Well if you've ever been done before, let me tell you, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK ON TOP!

A: Hear, hear!

E: Does that mean you want to fund Medellin and give us distribution?

DH: Listen boys, I used to be the biggest swinging dick in all of Hollywood during the 70's and 80's. But then I hit a rough patch and fell on hard times. Lots of coke, lots of hookers, a few snuff films. It wasn't pretty. But NOW I'M BACK BABY. And I want you to be part of the winning team!

A: Don's back in business and all in with Medellin. So, I'd say we have ourselves a deal.

E: Uh, yeah, I think we got ourselves a deal.

DH: Vince, do you want to be back on top?

V: I'm all in too, Don.

DH: That's what I wanted to here, of course you want to be back on top. It's fucking great at the top. Now let me ask you this, who's better than us? WHO'S FUCKING BETTER THAN US?

A: No one Don, absolutely no one, thats who.


Eric, Vince, Ari and Don Helmut all raise their glasses to toast being number one again.

We now join Turtle and Drama again, who are both at a hot singles bar talking to four hot babes.

D: That's right ladies, my network TV show just got picked up for a second season, so you're going to be seeing a lot more of me this coming year.

All the hot babes giggle.

T: And I'm Vincent Chase's right hand man. Which means I hang with Vince, I smoke weed with Vince, eat with Vince, rip bong hits with Vince, drive with Vince, burn dank nugs with Vince.

The babes all giggle some more.

Drama pulls Turtle aside and says: I think we got this in the bag, bro. What did I tell you?

T: Two for me and two for you. Nothing stopping us from reaching the holy grail of hook ups now.

But then, out of no where, Justin Timberlake walks into the bar.

All the babes scream: JT!!!!

JT steps in and slaps five with Drama and Turtle as he moves into the babes.

D: Yeah, Justin, how ya been? Haven't seen you since that MTV awards after party.

JT: Drama, how are you my man?

Drama pulls JT aside: Listen bro, me and my boy here were working a little threesome action each for our selves here. But seeing as you're also one of my bros, there's no need to get greedy, there's plenty of ladies to go around.

JT: Drama, come on, like I really need to have another threesome? Please.

Drama and Turtle relax as it no looks like there will be at least one babe for each of them.

JT: But what I'd really like to do is have a foursome. You, you, and you, come one, lets go bring sexy back.

Turtle and Drama see their hopes dashed as JT leads three of the hot babes aay leaving just one remaining. The babe, dejected that she didn't get picked by JT then looks at both Turtle and Drama and gives a 'whatever' smile.

T: Of all the friggin people to show up.

D: Can it Turtle, I told you we'd be having a threesome tonight so lets go.

Drama grabs the remaining babe's hand and motions to Turtle.

T: Again? Fine, just don't look me in the eyes this time, Drama.

D: I know how this works Turtle just stay cool.

Turtle rolls his eyes and says: Come on honey, lemme show you where Vince takes his dump.

He then says aside to Drama: I call the back this time.

D: You had the back last time, thats not fair!

T: Yeah but I called it.

And the two continue to argue as they exit the bar for their MMF threesome.

The End.

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Welcome Casphod Torreblebrox

I was going to give Big Pud a big "see you in hell' post on account of this news, but I've devoted enough of my time to that waste of sperm and egg. Instead I'd rather take the time to welcome and introduce our newest two headed backstop.

Yorvit Castro, meet Ramon Torrealba. Or what have you.

A lot of people will be moaning about this being another example of Omar and 'Los Mets' and that Lo Duca was the only one who showed any fire or passion last year and we're going to miss him this year. Well, people are stupid. There were not a lot of good options this off season at catcher. Lets looks at what could have gone wrong.

Sign Posada for $13/mil a year for 4 years, at the end of which Posada would be 41. Also give up our 1st round draft pick. May be one of those contract years will work in the Mets favor. Posada is not worth it the way Pedro was. Pass.

Trade what little prospect chips we have for Ramon Hernendez or Whats his name Paulino or someone else who sucks. Sorry, we need those prospects to at least try and make a run at an ace. Pass.

Sign Lo Duca for 2 years at, lets say $5mil each (just a wild guess, he made 6/year and did not have a *horrible* year coming off his contract). This, I'm gathering, is the most popular alternative. Great, you want to pay Lo Duca for his declining years. HE IS THIRTY EFFING FIVE. That is not the red zone for catchers, that is the dead zone. Look up all the productive 36+ catchers. Go ahead. Lets see what we got, Carlton Fisk and uh... uh... 1 year of Posada? Yup, thats it. Lo Duca's OPS+ was 80 last year. Guess which way its headed. Oh plus he can't play defense worth squat anymore, and last time I checked, that was a pretty important part of being a catcher (unless your last name is Piazza). And for the sake of brevity, I will skip the personality stuff. Needless to say, PASS.

That bring us to Yorstro Castroalba. Castroalba will cost at most $7mil a year for two years. Yes, Yorvit Torrealba had a crappy batting average away from Coors last year. But he is 28 and his career OPS+ is 80 (hmm.. where have I seen that number before?). OPS+ takes park affects into account. He also, shoulder problems this year aside, plays nasty defense. Yorvit is going to be a weak hitting (but not that weak, get over his low batting average) defensive stud. We have not had a good fielding catcher in a looooong time. I am looking forward to it. Castro has incredible power and for only being $4mil for 2 years, is a bargain. And his bad back will be mitigated by his role as a back up.

OK, this is not perfect situation. Yorvit's contract looks way to big, both players have weaknesses, neither player bangs 19 year old babysitters or have gambling addictions, etc etc, but still, I'll take it. I'll take it and ride with it all the way to the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Entourage Episode 1 - Sweet Bros

Our heroes are assembled around the kitchen counter in Drama's Beverly Hills condo. Drama comes out with a steaming pan of breakfast foods.

D: Dig in boys, I made a Chase family specialty this morning: Celebration eggs!

Turtle: What the fuck are you celebrating, Drama? That retarded T-Shirt you're wearing?

D: Laugh all you want Turtle, Viking Quest just got optioned for a new 're-imaging' of the series by the Sci-Fi Channel, and guess who's getting paid dividends.

D: That's great Drama, now a whole new generation of pathetic geeks will be yelling "Victory!" while playing World of Warcraft in their parent's basement.

Vince: Hey, I'm proud of you big bro, and I have some more good news that deserves celebrating.

Eric: You found some new investors for Medeillen?

V: No, don't worry about Medeillen, E, this is even better -Queens Boulevard's DVD numbers just came in, and guess who's going to make enough for us all to move out of Beverly Hills? No offense, Johnny.

D: None taken, Vince, frankly I was about to say something. You guys are starting to cramp my style.

T: Whatsamatter, Drama? Not enough privacy to jerk off 3 times a day anymore?

E: Anyway, that's great, Vince. So no more money problems?

V: Nope, no more problems. We're really back.

T: Can I get a sweet bros, cheer?

All together with raises glasses of orange juice: We're sweet bros!!!

Scene cuts to Eric driving around in his car.

E: Hey Ari, it's Eric.

A: E, how's my favorite oompa loompa? Toss any pizza dough in the magic lollipop kingdom? Lloyd! I said toss any pizza dough, not toss any salad, get your hard-on under control, you're about to explode through your Isaac Mizrahi Target Brand leather pants.

L: Ari! Do not tell E about my raging boner, he's one of the good ones!

A: Eric, Lloyd wants you to know that he is approaching the point of ejaculatory inevitability.

L: Ari!

E: That's great, Ari, look Vince is in a good mood right now and I think now is a good time to get him to sign on to a blockbuster type. You got any scripts in mind?

A: What, is he all pumped up from the QB DVD scratch coming his way?

E: Yeah, he is, you know about that all ready?

A: Of course I know about that, Eric, you stupid faggot.

L: Ari Gold!

A: Sorry, Lloyd!

E: Look Ari, You got anything or not.

A: Eric, please, of course I have the perfect script. I am the Master of all Scripts you little yeast infection. Ready for this: Thundercats, the Movie.

E: What, the kid's cartoon?

A: You bet your your sweet Cheetara licking ass, its Thundercats fucking ho, baby! You think Transformers the movie was a fluke? All those nerds who grew up in the 80's now have big bucks to spend on their childhood memories, only now they don't want some 2-bit cartoon animated by some Korean sweat shop, they want to see live action summer blockbusters that have multi-million dollar sponsorships from Chevrolet and Kibbles and Bits and whoever the fuck else the studios shake down. And those blockbusters make enough cash to keep Shia Le Bouf knee deep in underage pink for years.

E: OK, I'm sold, but do you think Vince will want to do a live-action cartoon?

A: That's not my job, limp dick, that's yours, now get it done.

Eric hangs up and the action cuts to Turtle and and Drama walking through a Best Buy.

D: OK Turtle, explain to me what we're doing here?

T: Calm down, Drama, I got a connection.

D: When you say connection, don't you just mean you figured out another way to scam some poor soul into giving you free stuff because you're associated with Vince?

T: Yeah, so?

D: So who is paying you this time?

T: All I have to do is say I'm going to get a picture of Vince holding this toy plastic guitar, and we get hooked up with an XBox 360, Guitar Hero III and a $500 gift certificate.

D: So Best Buy and Guitar Hero are giving you money? You are a cheap corporate whore, Turtle.

T: I'll suck the corporate teat all day, baby. Or once a week, anyway.

D: Clearly.

The scene shifts to Eric and Vince discussing the next movie at lunch.

V: I don't why see why you want to do another movie right now, E, I told you, we have plenty of money.

E: That doesn't mean you have to stop making movies completely, Vince. Now did you read the script, Ari gave us?

V: Yeah I read it, Lionel fights the evil Skeletor and saves the day.

E: Skeletor was He-Man, Vince. You didn't read it did you?

V: Allright, Eric, you got me, I didn't read it. I'm a little distracted, OK, I have a date with Sabrina tonight and I don't want anything keeping me from reaching my sexual peak.

E: Don't you mean you have a date with Christie?

Vince thinks. V: Yeah I guess I did. Well I like Christie better anyway. She's more sensual.

E: Jeez, Vince, you're just constantly having so much sex with so many fine women. You can't even keep all the different hot women who you are about to have sex with straight.

Vince chuckles. V: Yeah, I guess you're right. I am always having crazy mind-blowing passionate sex with different hot pieces of ass all the god damn time.

Scene cuts back to Drama's apartment where all the gang are rocking out to Guitar Hero like rock gods.

D: So bro, you bang that hot piece of ass?

Vince takes a huge bong hit, then answers he exhales. V: Yes Johnny, I did.

T: E, I know you didn't have sex last night. Even if you did have a girl all you'd do is cuddle like a little bitch, you fucking little bitch.

E: Fuck you bitch. I'm not a bitch. You're a bitch. All you do with your bitch ass self is jerk off like a bitch. Bitch. You bitch.

Drama finishes a sweet guitar solo. D: Hey, bros, calm done. You're going to be moving out soon and I think we all need to smoke some more bud and realize how sweet we are.

T: I'll fuckin smoke to that!

Everyone together: SWEEEEEEEET BROOOOOS!!!!!!!

End episode 1

Mets Hot Stove Report Episode 1

Nothing happened! Everyone filed for FA and no one has a fucking idea whats going on. The only thing we know is Posada will resign as a Yankee. Whoop dee fucking doo.

Friday, November 9, 2007

A serious analysis of the Mets FA options at 2B and C

I was going write about what I think the Mets should do about 2B and C for next season but after an exhaustive 15 minutes of research I've decided we're pretty much effed no matter what we do. The free agent market sucks it the dick this year at every position, but especially at second and catcher.

I was thinking Tadihito Iguchi would be a good underrated guy to sign instead of overrated and kind of sucky Luis Castillo, but it turns out Iguchi sucks too. I was also thinking Michael Barrett would be a good idea since we could 'buy low', but really, buying the 40 OPS+ that he hit during his last 44 games with the Padres is pretty fucking low. I mean we might as well bring Big Pud back for that. No - nevermind - fuck Lo Duca. Alou will be in hell, writing his name in the snow, before I endorse that dickwad.

Of course there are plenty of trade rumors that I could weigh in on, but really, whats the point? No one knows shit right now, and if they did it would mean Omar has too many loose lips and isn't doing his job. If we can swing a deal, great, if not, fuck it. We got lucky in 2006 when Valentin and the Pudster had flukely good years, and when got unlucky in 2007 when those two played like they normally do.

It's a long off season and I'm not going to get all worked up about it now. No, in fact, I've got much bigger fish to fry, mainly, the current writers strike going on in Hollywood. That shit is really gnawing at my soul right now. I mean, what if the strike affects the new season of Entourage. WHAT IF I CAN'T WATCH THAT MAGICAL 30 MINUTES OF ECSTASY THAT SENDS ME INTO A WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD MIRTH AND FAG JOKES!?!?!?!

I'd fucking die, thats what. I can't let that happen. I WON'T let that happen. I will write the scripts myself if I have to, every god damn syllable of that hip and trendy dialog. Sorry Metsies, I can't let Vinnie and my boys down. You'll have to take a back seat for the rest of the off season. For the great good of mankind - Entourage must go on.

More to cum. (HAHAHA LOL That is what Vince would say because he is always either talking about sex or having sex, because he is a rabid sexual maniac, and cum and come are homophones. Wait - ew! Homos! Hah, they would say that too because Ari and Vinnie and his pals are always cracking wise about the gays! Holy shit that is gold. You know, like ARI GOLD?!? haHAH! Fuck my tits this is going to be fun!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Random non-baseball post

I spent last weekend in Durham, NC and watched Duke get pummeled by Clemson. As you would imagine, the stadium was littered with a staggering amount of obese rednecks. The highlight of the day came when I overheard a Clemson Tiger fan urger her team to 'Git 'er done!' without even a trace of irony.

Then this asshole showed up and I punched him into oblivion:
And then I found these fly honies and I pollinated their berry bushes:
 I love Clemson football, whether you're a student, alumni or just a fan...nothing like it

No, yes, no, yes. Haha, just kidding, I would do all of them and a whole lot worse.

Good times!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghey-Rod to Shea-Rod?

Wow, A-Rod mania has already set in and its not even Novemeber. In fact, it's halloween, which is as good as an excuse as any post an EXCLUSIVE GMDB picture of A-Rod in an Optimus Prime costume. Well that and any mention of A-Rod will drive up internet traffic. It's true, even on this piece of shit. We still get hits from people googling for that Joslyn Morse man-woman we posted about months ago. That should be our motto: GMDB - come for the she-males, stay for the piss jokes.

My best halloween costume (since no one asked)? I wore a hospital gown and a wig. But also I had a naked baby doll attached to my waist with a fake umbilical cord and blood splattered all over myself and the baby. It's not an abortion! It's a celebration of life, dammit!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Buck Foston

Ok, so the Red Sox won the series and the Pats have sold their souls to some Aztec Deity in exchange for winning a few games. But let's look at some facts:

-Boston has one of the smallest and unimportant metro areas vis-a-vis other American cities.

-Their food fucking blows. Seriously, chowder. fucking white-n-wet poo poo chowder.

-The city lies in a region known as New England. Didn't fight two wars to break away from them.

-Ben Affleck.

-Stupid fucking assholes cannot pronouce their "R's"

Moreover, DC Chaz Waggle says that the waters there aren't nearly cold enough to keep him comfortable!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Pud's Halloween Costume

Actually this isn't Paul Lo Duca's costume, this is a view into my crystal ball that can see 5 months into the future when The Duke is an unemployed homeless bum because no one wants to sign his stupid ass to whine and moan and hit 87 OPS+ for the year like a stupid jack ass and he has also blown all of his money on horsies and 19 year old prostitutes so now he lives on the street and east rat burgers for dinner like the rebels from Demolition Man that elected Dennis Leary as their leader because they are all stupid morons just like Paul Big Fat Fucking Pud Lo Duca.

Judging from this tremendous article from HBT, however, the Mets are in all likelihood screwed at catcher next year no matter what they do. No good free agents and nothing on the farm. So trade for a Ramon Hernandez? Eh, considering everybody who doesn't employ Russell Martin or Brian McCann will be screwed in the NL as well, I'd say just go with Castro and figure something out later. We won't be at a huge disadvantage and then we can at least say we gave Castro a legit shot.

Just as long as that stupid asshole isn't back, that stupid jerk of a scumbag.

Monday, October 22, 2007


The Red Sox are celebrating their AL pennant. Gross.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alls they know is killin in white uniforms

Not to be the last mets blogger this side of blogland to no-tice, but Baseball Prospectus' Steven Goldman mentioned the Mets in his latest online chat. More importantly, he worked in a Star Wars reference.

Quoth Goldman: "Gomez is a pinch-runner. He's never going to hit well enough to play despite the fact that his legs make him capable of making the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs."

To which I replied: "But can he bulls-eye a womp rat back home in his T-16?"

That reminds me of the time I was chatting it up with some Storm Trooper.

Haha! What fun!

So anybody else notice what a fucking moron Tim McCarver is? Yes, many people. What a fucking nincompoop! Why, he's a regular Jar Jar Binks!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Schuerholz, buttholes, whats the difference?

Only when Bobby Cox's cold dead body is in the ground will the Braves that terrorized the NL East lo so many years be unrecognizable, but this is a decent start. Schuerholz is the latest to bite the dust, and perhaps the most important cog in the Mets killing machine to be shut down. When A Jones bolts for Bora$ money this off season, Smoltz retires and Larry Jones' AIDs finally mutates into a strain to which modern science has nothing to combat it with we will finally be down to Cox' withered husk of flesh. Oh the parties I need to start planning for.

In other news that we are later to getting to than Bridget Moynahan's period after she got dumped by Tom Brady (even the jokes are old, LOL), Dusty Baker is the new Reds manager. This is good news for two reasons. 1) no longer having to listen to baker's stupid blather during Baseball Tonight and 2) if the Reds' front office is stupid enough to hire Baker maybe they are also stupid enough not to pick up Adam's Dunn $13m club option for '08.

Is Dunn a perfect fit for the Mets? No. Can he fucking mash? Yes. If you can get him, do it. Figure out the details later. The only draw back to getting Dunn is it makes Alou expandable and that means less urine jokes. Looks like someone else had better step it up start pissing themselves.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blechstein??? REALLY???

OMG Metsblog ur killing me.

I do not want to see this miserable little jagov near the Mets next year. If Omar signs him I will heckle him every game. I do not care if he will be wearing a Mets uniform. This is where I draw the line.

Oh but he can hit in the 2 hole and has grit and hustle and blah blah fucking blah.


the second spot in the line up is not some excuse to put your shittiest hitter high up in the line to reward him for sprinting to first after walks. FUCK THAT SHIT.

Obligatory FJM link because they crush tiny stupid asshole eckstein way better than even I, the insult master.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Paul Lo Duca wants to stay a Met

Paul Lo Duca has gone on the record and stated that he wants to resign with the Mets and remain their starting catcher in 2008. Big Pud recently had a conversation with Mets GM Omar Minaya about the possibility of returning and GMDB has the exclusive transcript of that dialog.

Omar Minya: Hello Paul.

Big Pud: Hello Omar.

OM: I understand you would like us to resign you to a new contract.

BP: Thats right.

OM: Why would we want to do that?

BP: Because I represent all the great qualities in a man that Mets fans admire.

OM: Such as?

BP: I'm a native Brooklynite for one.

OM: Well you were born in Brooklyn, but didn't you grow up and go to college in Arizona?

BP: Well, sure I moved to Glendale when I was very young, but I was still born here in New York.

OM: That's stupid, but OK, what else?

BP: I love horses.

OM: You mean you are an inveterate gambler who started betting at the track when you were in middle school?

BP: More like 4th grade.

OM: Fantastic, what else.

BP: I love the New York nightlife! And I love the ladies, yeah!

OM: You mean you married a playboy model as soon as you made the majors who then turned out to be a shrew so you conducted a unending series of adulterous affairs including one with a teenager who bragged about it on her MySpace page?

BP: Thats right, I'm banging playmates and teen hottties! Who wouldn't want that life?

OM: Anyone with a soul or a rational fear of STDs. So now that we've established that you're a despicable human, tell me what you bring to the table in terms of baseball production.

BP: I never strike out. Can't strike out PLD, like ever! I only make 'productive' outs!

OM: Except for all the double plays you hit in, which are far worse than strike outs. In fact according to my numbers, you hit ground balls 95% of your total plate appearances. Also your VORP blows.

BP: Sorry, I didn't realize you were looking for a computer to play catcher for you. Look, I've got grit and hustle and VERVE! What do you think wins championships?

OM: I'm not going to get into this with you because clearly you are a moron. I'm going to give you one last shot to prove to me that you deserve to wear the orange and blue next year, and no temper tantrums.

BP: Fine, you want me to use my trump card, well how about this: I'm ITALIAN.

OM: Yes, I see. While that may get you a free pass with your average Joe pisan, that shit won't fly with me. First of all, fuck your cheap, pandering race baiting. Second, Lo Duca is a name associated with Northern Italy. Most Italian-Americans in the New York metropolitan area are from Southern Italy, specifically Sicily or Naples. And while technically the Cisalpine, Sicilian and Neopolitan peoples currently share the same geo-political nation state, historically the regions were separated by a distinct culture, language and heritage. As different as Portugal and France. In fact there is still strong resentment in the South of the North's long history of discrimination and injustice that helped create the permanent underclass of the mezzogiorno. So any perceived connection between you and the typical Italian American Mets fan is farcical.

BP: I have no idea what you're saying, man.

OM: How about this. You're fucking fired.

BP: But Omar! What will I do? Where will I go? Who will give me a job?

OM: Frankly, Paulie, I don't give a shit.

Our GMDB exclusive doesn't end there. We recently sat down with PLD ourselves and got his thoughts about a number of topics. His provocative and perhaps controversial responses can be found below.

Paul Lo Duca on going to the racetrack

Paul Lo Duca on the NYC singles scene

Paul Lo Duca on his Italian heritage

Paul Lo Duca on Latinos in baseball

Paul Lo Duca on Internet bloggers

Monday, October 1, 2007

Later Baters

It seems we've misplaced the punctuation for the name of our site. Apparently this is how it should read:

Go! Mets Die...Braves?

Phillies celebrate divisional championship

Just found these pictures of the Phillies celebrating their first divisional championship since 1993. It sucks it couldnt be the Mets doing the celebrating. The Phillies get really into it in the clubhouse though so be forewarned that these are not safe for work.

Enjoy the shadenfreude a-holes

If we're going to dish it we may as well get used to taking it. So yeah, we fucking suck. 2nd biggest collapse ever.

Good luck Rollins, you piece of shit. I hope you fall into a pit of lava on your way home. Drown in piss and die.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Yea!!!!! The Braves are done! Allright everybody, time to party! Woo hoo! Hey! Wait, what? Huh? No wait, where is everybody going? You mean? Ah man....


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Braves Lose - magic elmination number at 1

trying to focus on the positive from last night.

here, watch this clip. it gets really good at the 3 minute mark.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Just like their horrible city, the Philstinkies will come up a little short in overtaking our beloved Mets. I could give stats, reasons or arguments to support this statement. Instead, I will say. Bobby "luvs" cox.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Have Mercy

Have we actually dipped to rooting for the B****s this week?

If only Dynamo would get his cavity out of Nats territory and back up here to Sheaville, maybe we'd pull this one out with slightly less drama. What kind of northerner who doesn't work in the politico lives in the vicinity of the District?

More idiots

These jagovs are all over the place.

I guess I am really just jealous. I would like to round up 75 fuck ups, go to philly and piss everyone off by acting like dipshits. Unfortunately no in philly would notice.

Whats amazing is that even more pathetic sports fans out there exist.


I am stunned.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Penultimate pro baseball game at RFK

I went to RFK last Saturday to dutifully cheer on the Nats as they attempted to slow the Phillies' General Sherman like march to overtake the Mets atop the NL East. It went into extra innings and thankfully we left at the end of 9 so we didn't have to bare witness to the abject buffoonery that surely ensued given all the simpletons from Philadelphia that were in town. Phillie fans were all over the stadium, and maybe they weren't all there to be total douches, but we had the great fortune of buying cheap upper deck seats next to where some superstar decided it would be a good idea who organize a road trip for asshole Philly fans.

I've circled the morons for clarity but because I took the picture on my shitty shitty camera phone its tough to make out what a debacle these clowns were causing. Lots of cursing, middle fingers, stupid Rollins M-V-P chants and what not. The very bottom of Philadelphian society on display in our nations capital.

Not that I have a problem with heckling or being a drunk dickhead at a baseball game. But 1) fuck Philadelphia and 2) it was poor form. They were basically taking advantage of the pathetic crowds the Nationals draw. Not that Shea is a particularly intimidating stadium but you really couldn't get away with that shit anywhere else. Maybe in Florida, but then these slobs would have had to sell their time shares in Wildwood, NJ for airfare.

And I'm also bitter that I was too big of a pussy to pretend to be a Philly fan and get pictures with the the whole clan, especially the shirtless, stomach tatoo'd ringleader who probably has the most depressing life of anyone I've ever had the chance to meet. Oh well, I can still find plenty of slapdicks who spend 40% of their monthly income on sports jersey at Redskins games.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'll take it

heres what 5 on the final countdown would have been.

it's a jack handy bit. go to hell phillies.

bloody kisses

finally updated the final countdown as a result of Wednesday's win. Planned on using it a week ago. It's from Type O Negative T-shirt. It supposed to be what Braves fans should do because theyre team was supposed to be so far out of it. Now... shit i dunno, maybe its not the best pic for Mets fans right now. god motherfucking dammit.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'Shea Stadium' not sweating it

Lets see how stupidly pseudonymed GMDB'er Shea Stadium is dealing with the Mets slump while over on the peninsular nation of Korea.

Joe seems to be coping just fine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So can you believe how much I am in heaven?

Pedro says if he gets hurt again it's "Hasta la vista madrefuckers!"

That's great Pedro, I need to think about you getting hurt right now like I need a prostate exam from a crab person. Well thanks but no thanks Petey, I'd rather think about you riding around on a motorcycle killing the dick out of anything that gets in your way with a pump action smith & wesson.

I wrote this over on Avenue on how else I am coping. I love Amazin Avenue, especially how you can write whatever you want on the side and it looks like you're part of a legit mets blog, as opposed to this turd.

Anyway, screw Pedro's Arnold quote, this one is way awesomer: "It is as satisfying to me as coming is — you know, as having sex with a woman and coming. So can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am, like, getting the feeling of coming in the gym. I'm getting the feeling of coming at home. I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up. When I pose out in front of 5,000 people I get the same feeling. So I'm coming day and night."



I know who farted, the Mets. They have been laying stinky wet farts all week.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Arts and farts and crafts

The Braves recent decent into crapitude and the Phils' emergence as a legitimate adversary in the last couple years is heralding a new order in the NL East. With it, several questions arise regarding to whom among rivals and how Mets fan should apply their hatred. Luckily for me, my reservoir of hatred is vast and nearly unlimited. My malice and indignation is doled out where appropriate (die Atlantards, die Philasmellphians). Mere contempt and pity is reserved for less formidable opponents (ie the sad sacks in SoFla and the Federal City).

Obviously, Atlanta remains my P.E. #1. But should current trends continue, might they be knocked of their perch atop my pillar of scorn? Not likely. At least not for a while. So does that mean that i can't get pumped up for the the upcoming series and the chance to bury Phillies and send their Divisional Championship aspiration directly to hell?

Fuck no.

J-Roll, Burrell et al can eat shit and die. If I had artistic talent beyond the realm of MS Paint I would create works of art like my man Sal Iovine all god damn day.

Look at that masterpiece. The man is a genius. If I had art in my house it would like this. Not some Ansel Adams photograph of snow on a tree or whatever. What do you want to see in your house when you come home, some fucking Yak hanging out by a waterfall or this:

I hope Wilpon is commissioning this virtuoso to paint some murals in the new CitiField, I truly do.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two steps closer to oblivion

By taking the series 2-1 (evening the season series at 9-9) the Mets drop the Braves Magic Elimination number down to 8. Neither the Metsies nor Bravos play today so that number will stand until late Friday night.

That's Mega Man in the picture for # eight, though you may know him as Rockman. The dude is dressed up because he's at a concert called Video Games Live, where a symphony orchestra plays a bunch of music from video games. Funny story behind the picture: I saw that guy in costume when I caught the Video Games Live show at the Kennedy Center. You don't think that's funny? Try telling someone you saw a symphony of video game music with Mega Man. They will laugh in your face. Trust me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


New feature here at GMDB. You can find Mets Magic Number Countdowns all over the innernets, but as far as I know this is the only Braves Elimination Number Countdown. Check it out on the side bar. Any combination of Mets wins or Braves losses equal to the magic elimination number and the Braves are out of the divisional pennent race. In today's picture is our once and sometimes contributor Shea Stadium. He's standing next to what I can only presume is the ANAL stop in the New York City Subway. I can't find it on any station listings but obviously it is real. Man, New York really does have everything.

So suck it, Braves.

Also I don't know about you but I can't hear the words 'final countdown' without thinking about GOB.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I know you've seen it but I wanted to get one more post out of this pic this year. We have a chance to completely obliterate the Bravos playoff chances AND take the season series (currently at 7-8). So lets put the hammer down, or as I like to say, fuck the Atlanta Braves, fuck them up their stupid asses.

Only 1 NY team may beat a TX team in major professional sports per week

Apparently thats a rule I was unaware of. That rule also sucks. While it was fantastic for the Mets to sweep the moribund Asscaketros, my beloved G-Men could not similarly get the job down against the stupid, idiotic, buttheaded Cowgirls of Irving, Texas. Texas is such dumb, racist state. I went to Texas once and saw some guy racing armadillos. What kind of fucking retarded shit is that?

OK - so this is going to be the second terrible post in a row, apologies. Long weekend and whatever and shit. And I promise not to turn this into a half Giants blog either but I couldn't help myself this time and besides I am not the only one doing it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Time to go Enron on the Asstros

I don't know much about the 'Stros except that they are about to get pummeled and they had some guys one their team nicknamed the 'Killer Bees', one of whom was Derek 'i used to live in a houseboat, now i smoke crack' Bell.

Killer Bees. Weak.

here are the only Killa Beez I'll recognize.

This is what Ghostface Killah had to say about the Mets v Stros :

Hey fool you ready for another beating
You should have never came back
Look here man after I crucify him, you next!
And you better have a good doctor to rearrange your face
I'm the Champ!

I'd cut and paste more lyrics but I don't really feel comfortable dropping n-bombs like.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Braves on long march of mediocrity

I stole that headline directly form this AJC article. Sounds about right to me.

Son of a beach

I'm back, football is back, the mets are still in first. Life is good, despite my beach vacation being over.

I don't have much to add today, just wanted to get a post in after a refreshing holiday. I think since no one else does, i'll give out my patented, 5/6 of the season awards out.

Official Boner 8===D of 5/6 of the Season: Paul Lo Duca. Screw off big pud.
Official the Tits ( . )( . ) of 5/6 of the Season: David Wright. How could anyone have ever doubted the dreamy D-Dubs?
Official butt hole ( * ) of 5/6 of the season: David Newhan. God that guy sucks.

That's all the vulgar emoticons I know of so I'm done.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This Is For Ken And Rory

Great job tonight Paulie walnuts.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pre-Flight Update

The Mets just completed their three game sweep of the Braves, and since I haven't uploaded any pictures yet, nor fully organized my thoughts on the Mets/Rory B. Bellows' 2-city road trip, I'll give you a quick Atlanta Hit List.

-Turner Field- quite a nice stadium. Lots of parking, cheap tickets (comparable to value games at Shea), ornery fans (but I would be ornery too if my team just got swept to essentially end their season) and good southern BBQ food options for carnivores. Vegetarians can choose amongst standard ballpark fare (pretzels, nachos, etc...) and one sit-down restaurant with Caesar salad. But vegetarians are homos anyway, so who cares about them. They should all burn at the stake (ed. note. Mr. B. Bellows is an occasional veg aka selectatarian and has tongue firmly planted in his left cheek here).

-ATL restaurants. Lots of good inexpensive options here. Of special note is The Varsity ( The world's largest drive-in restaurant. Serving delicious grease-bombs 24 hours a day. There are also very high-end restaurants, for which one should consult Zagat, but for standard American fast-food this is the best I've ever had.

-Appalachian St over Michigan. Ok- this isn't on the Atlanta or GMDB topic, but I felt it was worthy of mention. Thank you to the Westin-Peachtree for having that game... oh wait a minute... they didn't, nor did the Hooters across the street. Thank you to Google text for updating me on scores!

-METS SWEEP! Great pitching all 3 nights, and timely hitting. But jesus f-ing christ, can we PLEASE stop making dumb outs on the bases. Ruben Gotay and Big Pud, I'm looking your way!

-Dragon*con ( That is going on right now in downtown Atl. It is completely bizarre. I'm not even close to comprehending, but perhaps RockYourFace has some insight? Since I also don't understand him, I can only assume that he has knowledge of this "gaming convention."

-Georgia Aquarium. This is, allegedly, the largest aquarium in the US, and is right across from the World of Coca-Cola (small Coke-themed commercial-like amusement park), and is probably worth a visit. My favorite attraction was the beluga whales.

-Did I mention the METS SWEEP?! DIE BRAVES!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

I'll miss you Philadelphia*

What a grand time that was in Philadelphia. Tremendous fun had by all.

OK, fuck that shit. it's over. TIME TO MOVE ON. One month left and 2 series with the Nads and the fish, and none more in phila-fucking-delphia.

Next up is the last stop in Atlanta, a series I will entirely miss as I will be on vacation. It's probably better that way, as I can save up my hatred for the final series at Shea and I have it on good authority that Mr. Rory B. Bellows will be able to pick up the slack and then some. So fare thee well for the next few days. God help us if we're not in first place when I return.

A final reaction to the last series before I go.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mid-Trip Update

So we're almost halfway through the vaunted Phillies/Braves trip, where the Metropolitans had a good chance to end any and all hopes of anyone else winning the NL East. Moreover, I caught the game in Philly last night (the awful Ryan Howard walk-off, Rory B. Bellows wants to kill himself game).

Also- a quick sidenote on a this game... lost in the shuffle was LoDuca's overthrow in the 8th inning. With Shane Victorino representing the tying run on first base, Victorino attempts to steal second. Heilman, btw, was very quick to the plate on the play and Victorino could have easily been thrown out at second base. However, LoDuca tosses the ball into center field, thus allowing for Victorino to reach 3b. Then Rowand gets an infield single and Victorino scores. DAMN YOU, LODUCA!!! Jayson Werth then hit an infield single also (on which, btw, there may have been a play at 3B on Victorino if LoDuca didn't overthrow 2b on the attempted steal, ahh, but I digress), so perhaps I'm picking nits here, but I don't think so and LoDuca stinks!

Thus Rory B. Bellows' road trip continues. Thus far I've taken in Philadelphia and Atlantic City (I can be seen at the Trop'spoker tables with some frequency), and am eagerly awaiting the 3 game set in Atlanta. Hopefully there will be pictures to follow. GO METS! DIE BRAVES! (And now Die Phillies, too!)

Guest blog critique

1. Denis 'the penis' Rasmussen (career ERA+ 93 comparable career to Bobby Jones)

Denis starts with some Ken Dynamo bashing; some of it valid (the KSK), some completely false (I would never stoop to hawking this site to the unwashed masses of Late Night Shots. That website is so fucking gay). He then goes on to insult Mets fans with lame bigotry and a link to a 'study' that shows absolutely nothing. He then points out an obvious trade that all Mets fans would like to rescind and then complains about the Mets' supposed weaker division. He finishes off with a MS Paint of David Wright drinking from a bag of seaman.

There is some potential in his post. The attitude is good and the attempts at humor are on the right track. But Denis is sloppy in his attention to detail and his jokes poorly mask his raging insecurities. Southern California is no paradise (nor Xanadu), though I'm sure the hordes of illegal Mexicans and conniving, dog-eating Asians will tell you differently.

If Denis had come even remotely close to staying with the pro-Mets anti-Braves theme of this blog I might have given him the benefit of the doubt, but he doesn't and frankly, his bitter, cranky post doesn't deserve it.

grade: C -

2. rockyourface

I was originally just going to give ryf an incomplete and be done with it, because I couldn't understand what the fuck he was talking about, but I guess he was doing a parody of Bearleague (or a parody of he Mets game, whatever). rya suffers from verbal diarrhea, making his post interminably dull. He uses hack phrasing (changing a sentence structure from SVO to SOV does not a funnier joke make) and terrible metaphors (Beckman and the MLS? Really?). If brevity is the soul of wit, than rockyourface's wit's soul is as cold and black as his own.

ryf at least manages to comes to grip with his Mets envy and his post could pass the GMDB content bare minimum requirements. But he also constantly referred to himself in 3rd person like a huge douche. If rya trimmed is post but at least half, we may have been able to salvage something. Instead we're stuck with this traffic jam of bullshit.

grade: D+

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just in case anyone was wondering, those last two posts were NOT written by me. A full critique of each poorly constructed diatribe is forthcoming. One quick thing to note is that I did find out that the majority of rockyourface's overwrought essay was supposedly a parody of Artie Lange's movie, Beerleague.

Yeah I didn't see it either. But Union, NJ's Artlie Lange is a comedic powerhouse, and in his honor, please enjoy these two clips from the triumph of cinema Dirty Work.

Also fuck Pat Burrell.