Wednesday, January 30, 2013


There hasn't been a lot of good news for Mets fans these days, but there has been a lot of great news for Entourage fans, as the greatest show of our time, and the greatest show of all time, has just been green lit (show biz term, natch), to become a major hollywood blockbuster. This is tremendous news for people who like shows about dudes who like chillin in hollywood, makin movies, smokin marijuana, wondering if things are going to turn out all right and then having things totally turn out all right. Which I assume is everyone because of course, why not, fun times for us all.

What’s of perhaps of even sweeter niceness is the fact that Go Mets Die Braves, a blog ostensibly about rooting for the New York Mets and against the Atlanta Braves, has somehow nabbed an exclusive (another show biz term) peak at a first draft of the script of the Entourage movie.

Wow, exciting, I know right?

Now, this may look like just a bunch of links to old posts on this very same website but they're not. I assure you, these are links to the four parts to the brand new script that leaked online and that this blog is now exclusively linking to. So don't even think otherwise.

So check it out, the scripts are totally legit and sweet, just like Vince and the boys.

It starts with Vince considering a script for Thundercats.
Then Vince and E meet a strange but promising benefactor, Don Helmut.
But is Don Helmut reliable? Will everything work out?
Then Turtle nails Drama with a hilarious prank and everything works out in the end.

Oh hey, sorry about that spoiler alert.

Man, I still can't believe the script to the major motion picture blockbuster Entourage got leaked on this ostensible Mets blog. Amazing world we live in, bros.