Thursday, September 6, 2007

Son of a beach

I'm back, football is back, the mets are still in first. Life is good, despite my beach vacation being over.

I don't have much to add today, just wanted to get a post in after a refreshing holiday. I think since no one else does, i'll give out my patented, 5/6 of the season awards out.

Official Boner 8===D of 5/6 of the Season: Paul Lo Duca. Screw off big pud.
Official the Tits ( . )( . ) of 5/6 of the Season: David Wright. How could anyone have ever doubted the dreamy D-Dubs?
Official butt hole ( * ) of 5/6 of the season: David Newhan. God that guy sucks.

That's all the vulgar emoticons I know of so I'm done.

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