Monday, September 24, 2007

Penultimate pro baseball game at RFK

I went to RFK last Saturday to dutifully cheer on the Nats as they attempted to slow the Phillies' General Sherman like march to overtake the Mets atop the NL East. It went into extra innings and thankfully we left at the end of 9 so we didn't have to bare witness to the abject buffoonery that surely ensued given all the simpletons from Philadelphia that were in town. Phillie fans were all over the stadium, and maybe they weren't all there to be total douches, but we had the great fortune of buying cheap upper deck seats next to where some superstar decided it would be a good idea who organize a road trip for asshole Philly fans.

I've circled the morons for clarity but because I took the picture on my shitty shitty camera phone its tough to make out what a debacle these clowns were causing. Lots of cursing, middle fingers, stupid Rollins M-V-P chants and what not. The very bottom of Philadelphian society on display in our nations capital.

Not that I have a problem with heckling or being a drunk dickhead at a baseball game. But 1) fuck Philadelphia and 2) it was poor form. They were basically taking advantage of the pathetic crowds the Nationals draw. Not that Shea is a particularly intimidating stadium but you really couldn't get away with that shit anywhere else. Maybe in Florida, but then these slobs would have had to sell their time shares in Wildwood, NJ for airfare.

And I'm also bitter that I was too big of a pussy to pretend to be a Philly fan and get pictures with the the whole clan, especially the shirtless, stomach tatoo'd ringleader who probably has the most depressing life of anyone I've ever had the chance to meet. Oh well, I can still find plenty of slapdicks who spend 40% of their monthly income on sports jersey at Redskins games.


Coop said...

Thanks for the good laugh ken. I needed it after this lobotomy of a game I am watching right now. Fuck philadelphia and it was poor form. LOL!!!!

GO BRAVES! said...

Gonna pull for the Braves this week? GO BRAVES!!!!

Ken Dynamo said...

GB - yes i'm afraid i'll have to.

then i'll have to shower for a month.