Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pre-Flight Update

The Mets just completed their three game sweep of the Braves, and since I haven't uploaded any pictures yet, nor fully organized my thoughts on the Mets/Rory B. Bellows' 2-city road trip, I'll give you a quick Atlanta Hit List.

-Turner Field- quite a nice stadium. Lots of parking, cheap tickets (comparable to value games at Shea), ornery fans (but I would be ornery too if my team just got swept to essentially end their season) and good southern BBQ food options for carnivores. Vegetarians can choose amongst standard ballpark fare (pretzels, nachos, etc...) and one sit-down restaurant with Caesar salad. But vegetarians are homos anyway, so who cares about them. They should all burn at the stake (ed. note. Mr. B. Bellows is an occasional veg aka selectatarian and has tongue firmly planted in his left cheek here).

-ATL restaurants. Lots of good inexpensive options here. Of special note is The Varsity ( The world's largest drive-in restaurant. Serving delicious grease-bombs 24 hours a day. There are also very high-end restaurants, for which one should consult Zagat, but for standard American fast-food this is the best I've ever had.

-Appalachian St over Michigan. Ok- this isn't on the Atlanta or GMDB topic, but I felt it was worthy of mention. Thank you to the Westin-Peachtree for having that game... oh wait a minute... they didn't, nor did the Hooters across the street. Thank you to Google text for updating me on scores!

-METS SWEEP! Great pitching all 3 nights, and timely hitting. But jesus f-ing christ, can we PLEASE stop making dumb outs on the bases. Ruben Gotay and Big Pud, I'm looking your way!

-Dragon*con ( That is going on right now in downtown Atl. It is completely bizarre. I'm not even close to comprehending, but perhaps RockYourFace has some insight? Since I also don't understand him, I can only assume that he has knowledge of this "gaming convention."

-Georgia Aquarium. This is, allegedly, the largest aquarium in the US, and is right across from the World of Coca-Cola (small Coke-themed commercial-like amusement park), and is probably worth a visit. My favorite attraction was the beluga whales.

-Did I mention the METS SWEEP?! DIE BRAVES!!!!


rockyourface said...

You will have to direct questions regarding all things "gaming" and "dragon" related to Mr. Dynamo.

BobyCox4President said...

I feel so saddened by the levels to which some people sink. I feel pity for you for being a Mets fan. I know that winning and the post season is a strange new world to you but being a bad winner is just as bad as being a bad loser. The Braves are AMERICAS team. Always have been always will be. We have a saying here in the south that greatly applies here. "The sun shines on every dogs ass once in its life." So as the Braves nation once agian will rise next year you can go drown your tears in your beers for your last place Mets. PS If it werent for a former Brave your Mets wouldnt be going anywhere.

Shea Stadium said...

Bobycox4president sux on cox