Friday, September 14, 2007

Arts and farts and crafts

The Braves recent decent into crapitude and the Phils' emergence as a legitimate adversary in the last couple years is heralding a new order in the NL East. With it, several questions arise regarding to whom among rivals and how Mets fan should apply their hatred. Luckily for me, my reservoir of hatred is vast and nearly unlimited. My malice and indignation is doled out where appropriate (die Atlantards, die Philasmellphians). Mere contempt and pity is reserved for less formidable opponents (ie the sad sacks in SoFla and the Federal City).

Obviously, Atlanta remains my P.E. #1. But should current trends continue, might they be knocked of their perch atop my pillar of scorn? Not likely. At least not for a while. So does that mean that i can't get pumped up for the the upcoming series and the chance to bury Phillies and send their Divisional Championship aspiration directly to hell?

Fuck no.

J-Roll, Burrell et al can eat shit and die. If I had artistic talent beyond the realm of MS Paint I would create works of art like my man Sal Iovine all god damn day.

Look at that masterpiece. The man is a genius. If I had art in my house it would like this. Not some Ansel Adams photograph of snow on a tree or whatever. What do you want to see in your house when you come home, some fucking Yak hanging out by a waterfall or this:

I hope Wilpon is commissioning this virtuoso to paint some murals in the new CitiField, I truly do.

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