Monday, September 10, 2007


I know you've seen it but I wanted to get one more post out of this pic this year. We have a chance to completely obliterate the Bravos playoff chances AND take the season series (currently at 7-8). So lets put the hammer down, or as I like to say, fuck the Atlanta Braves, fuck them up their stupid asses.


Coop said...

Ken Dynamo, OK, you are my new hero. Did you ever see my posting oh Larry Jones back last month? I used a quote from the same movie you did.

...anyway. We did just that, and sorry to say, there will be no Larry chants this week. But that's good. We need to conserve our energy for the Phils series and laying the smack down on Burrell and rollins...and we're gonna f*** their moms while they watch and cry like little b*tches!

Ken Dynamo said...

coop, what sexy thots we share. hatred for larry, burrell and rollins is an natural and beautiful as morning sun. these should be a fun 2 series indeed.

noids noids noids.