Monday, October 29, 2007

Buck Foston

Ok, so the Red Sox won the series and the Pats have sold their souls to some Aztec Deity in exchange for winning a few games. But let's look at some facts:

-Boston has one of the smallest and unimportant metro areas vis-a-vis other American cities.

-Their food fucking blows. Seriously, chowder. fucking white-n-wet poo poo chowder.

-The city lies in a region known as New England. Didn't fight two wars to break away from them.

-Ben Affleck.

-Stupid fucking assholes cannot pronouce their "R's"

Moreover, DC Chaz Waggle says that the waters there aren't nearly cold enough to keep him comfortable!


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the Celtics have a good shot this year also.

rockyourface said...

W/ global warming there will soon be no waters cold enough for DC Chaz Weegle to live in.