Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghey-Rod to Shea-Rod?

Wow, A-Rod mania has already set in and its not even Novemeber. In fact, it's halloween, which is as good as an excuse as any post an EXCLUSIVE GMDB picture of A-Rod in an Optimus Prime costume. Well that and any mention of A-Rod will drive up internet traffic. It's true, even on this piece of shit. We still get hits from people googling for that Joslyn Morse man-woman we posted about months ago. That should be our motto: GMDB - come for the she-males, stay for the piss jokes.

My best halloween costume (since no one asked)? I wore a hospital gown and a wig. But also I had a naked baby doll attached to my waist with a fake umbilical cord and blood splattered all over myself and the baby. It's not an abortion! It's a celebration of life, dammit!!!

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rockyourface said...

I remember the first year you wore that costume Ken (Ken wore it two years in a row, but it was a good costume) and you threw that party out at your old place in shitty Falls Church, or where ever the fuck it was, and I came to the party dressed as a Yeti's Pale Testicle, only people kept thinking I was a ghost. Those were the same idiots who thought you were a mother who had just aborted her baby, morons.

What's that people of the internet, you want pictures of our awesome costumes? Too bad, only girls take pictures of themselves at parties, and neither I nor Mr. Dynamo a girls. In fact, I don't even know what a camera looks like.