Monday, December 24, 2007

What did the deaf, blind and crippled Brave fan get for Christmas?


Happy holiday everyone. Except for the Braves. Specifically Larry Jones. I wish him an unmerry x-mas. A frigid, melancholic, disatrouous and painful xmas to you, Larry, you worthless piece of dogshit.

But merry xmas to everyone else.

So i'm crazy bored at work and will probably just leave soon because this entire neighborhood is a ghost town except for the for bums defecating all over the benches surrounding my office.

I'm so friggin bored that I actually looked up a bunch of old songs from summer camp and am singing them to myself right now. I am quite literally the only person in my office today.

Oh god work is so lonely.

Tho I did find this hilarious picture from something awful.
Haha, Albert Swerengen.

Anyway, for my xmas present, i would like Dave Magadan, Rory B. Bellows and Shea Stadium to post some more. Are you even still reading the blog? Hello? Guys?

As you can see, i removed Simon Adebisi from the rolls for lack of posting, (that experiment worked well) so clearly i mean business.

Ok im going to go shoplift for jesus. happy ramadan! And oh yeah, fuck dominick the fucking donkey.

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