Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Padre jagov party

Super Padre fan Dennis "Wack-me-soft" Rasmussen has started his own 'highbrow' Padre blog that classy baseball fans of all persuasions can enjoy. It's called Padres Jagoff and I'm giving it my highest possible recommendation.

You may remember Dennis the Pennis, aka Wackysoft, from such hits as his GMDB guest post, in which he drew a picture of David Wright drinking from a back of semen. Over at his own blog, Wackysoft so far has put up a picture of Tim Lincecum... drinking a cup full of semen. Wowee - fun stuff!

So if you enjoy Go Mets Die Braves, but wish it was about the Padres and included way more overtly homophobic jokes (I'm told racist bits are on the way as well), then you'll want to head over to Padres Jagoff as fast as your web browser can surf you there.

Remember, thats www dot padres jagoff dot blogspot dot com

Padres Jaogff: a real piece of shit.

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