Friday, March 28, 2008

FYF: Brett effing Myers

Wife beaters make easy targets, but of course, so do pedophiles and emo fans, so by know means should anyone hold back their invective.

Brett Myers is this week's subject of derision because the last of the completely worthless preseason predictions have all come out, and nearly everyone cites Myers' return to the starting rotation as a reason why the Phillies are going to either challenge for or win the NL East.

What crock. Myers is a coward and an asshole. The Phillies have a thinner line up than the Mets and their rotation and and bullpen are both dogshit. You can talk about both teams' negatives until it boils down to Utley and Hamels v DWright and Santana. Advantage Mets.

But anyway, Myers is this big pussy who got drunk and punched his wife IN THE FACE and then got her to drop the charges. Fuck this guy in the ear.

If only Tawny Kitaen was this cockbag's wife, then at least we'd have a fair fight.


The Coop said...

well done, my friend. well done. I can go get drunk now.

The Coop said...

Ken Rosenthal might deserve an honorable mention

NYBBNUT said...

Tawny would eat puke Myers for breakfast and spit out his scrawny bones!