Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phursday Philler: Sorry pans

No real baseball today, except for a shout out to my home dawg Dayf at Cardboard Junkies. Dayf had kinds words for GMDB and hates Big Pud, which is commendable, but is also a Braves fan, which is regrettable. Dayf, I will wager my entire collection of worthless, overprinted Topps 1986-1990 baseball cards that the Mets do not 'sink into the depths of the NL East' this year, slowly or otherwise. No, the only sinking will be by Larry Jones, who will be plummeting straight to hell after he dies. By my hands. Tomorrow.

Lots of funny clips floating around the u-tube these days, like one the one about hot tubs, the one about porkchop sandwiches and the one about bees.

But I decided on this one, because right now its slightly less played out and I love the ending so much. Pop off!


The Coop said...

Hey, wheres F-U Friday? Can I request Big Pud? He deserves it b/c he's such a whiny b*tch. Makes me look like a princess during that time of the month.

Bay Rat North West said...

Holy crap that is funny!

But not as funny as this:

Ken Dynamo said...

no big pud this week coop - but im sure he will be up there eventually. i mean its not like i expect him to stop saying stupid shit anytime soon.

and that is a great find bay rat - in the last of the art howes years, the mets did indeed suck. but still have to give credit wear credit is due. im most jealous that i didnt think of it first.

dayf said...

You must've been watching that video all weekend, cause


Don't worry, you can take him out at the Nats game tomorrow,no security there. I'll be watching the video again.

NYBBNUT said...

if you wnat to find Larry Jones just look for the nearest Hooters!!