Friday, March 14, 2008

F YOU FRIDAY: Die Frenchy

The people have spoken (well, The Coop, anyway), and GMDB is only too happy to oblige. Thanks for the suggestion Coop, I would like nothing more than to skewer Jeff Fransewer.

Jeph Francoeur has been hailed as 'the Natural' due to a scintillating debut as a rookie in 2005. Since then, all he's proven is that he's a naturally over-rated bust that got over-hyped by Atlanta's racist press' endless quest to discover the next great white hope.

When not working on his sterling 4.2 career strike out to walk ratio, Geoff enjoys murdering puppies and engaging in public acts of sexual deviancy. Want proof? Ok, how's this?

Fenchy is totally not bashful about his abominable affronts to decency. Look! (NSFW... but if you've come this far you really owe it to yourself to click through)

God he makes me sick. You know how Francore could help his shitty K/BB ratio? By walking more. Might I then suggest a long walk off a short pier? Hah! Stings doesn't it, Jeffy! No, seriously, die.


Coop said...

This was great! F-U Friday at its finest. Frenchy takes it up the butt, doo dah. Doo dah!

Rory B. Bellows said...

Ahh Dynamo... Frank-Whore masturbating in public!