Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Checking in

Spring Training is interminable and boring. The only news trickling out of Metsworld revolves around the injury report and the various thrilling roster battles. Who will get to back up Luis Castillo, Ruben Gotay or Anderson Hernandez? Who will make the roster? Who will win the battle? Who will give a shit?

Luckily, our long lost GMDB correspondent, Shea Stadium, decided to check it from our South Korean Bureau. I hate the handle 'Shea Stadium' so I'm going to henceforth refer to our intrepid contributor as THE MONSTUPOLOUS MILO.

So, Milo, long time no see. How's it hanging?
Oh nice. Finger pointing in a bar. Looks like a blast. What else have you been up to?

Growing to over nine feet in height? Fascinating. Tell me, Milo, what kind of awareness do the people of Korea have regarding the New York Mets?

Really? I would think that with Chan Ho Park making the roster last year that there would be more interest in the team. Do they focus more on the local teams then? I understand Korea has a rich history with baseball that rivals Japan's.

Oh, well if you'd rather go dancing I can understand. Think you could answer just a couple more questions before you go?

Well, allright, then. Looks like you're having a good time with your friends. Is that a Korean night club or something?

Haha, you really are having quite the monstupolous time aren't you? What else might this crazy night lead to?

Jesus Christ, Milo, you are out of control. What kind of choices are you making for yourself? When are you going to grow up and start accepting some responsibility for once in your life?

Oh, Milo, look at that face. I can't stay mad at you. Thanks for checking in!

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