Friday, March 7, 2008

F You Friday: die larry

Only the second week of GMDB's new feature and already I'm slacking off. Nothing new here. I hate Larry Jones and I want him exterminated. I think when he was being named his mom were like, "Hey, Larry is a great name, lets name our son that." and then his Dad was like, "Yes, but lets also call him Chipper because that is also a great name." And then his mom goes, "Yeah, two great names for our great son." And then they dad went and cut firewood because that was his job and the mom went and prepared tv dinners to eat because thats what stupid redneck assholes do.

Ok, now that I've taken care of my weekly responsibility I can go get drunk.


Coop said...

Ken, you are da bomb. I love this F-you Friday. I have an F-U this week, and it's to Moises Alou. Why can't you stay healthy and not fall apart for one season, old man? F-you!

Coop said...

PS you have been on fire lately. great job - keep it up. this stuff always make me laugh