Thursday, March 13, 2008

You mean you DONT care about my fantasy team? Great, let me tell you about it anyway...

So you'll never guess who fell to me at the 7th pick overall. I said you'll NEVER guess. Well, g'head, GUESS!

Give up?


Yup. The golden one himself. Oh yes, it was a glorious touchdown of extra points. What a draft.

OK, OK, that was just an obligatory Mets preface so I could bring up something more important: world peace.

Now I would never advocate the consumption of illegal substances, but I think maybe if everyone in the world could take a few minutes out of their, busy, warmongering day, smoke a massive spliff, and watch this video, well, maybe we wouldn't be at war right now. Think about, a world at peace.


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The Coop said...

Hey Ken do you have any picks for F-U Friday? I'd like to nominate Jeff Francoeur. Why? Cause I hate him. Make it happen