Friday, April 6, 2007

Will Leitch DOES taste the poop and pee

So I emailed Will Leitch of Deadspin fame and Cardinal superfandom, taunting him about our sweepage of his beloved red birds and asking him if he can taste the poop and pee in his mouth. He snappily replied with nothing but this.

What a dick.

However, it did at least help me realize the our mini NLCS revenge was merely a tune up for the real series. Tonight we travel to the pubic bone of the East coast to obliterate Los Bravos Fagortos. Lets keep our eye on the prize and our hate keenly focused. Fuck you, Braves, you fucking fucks.

Also this is off topic but everyone needs to get their asses directly to (Butt) Whole Foods like RIGHT NOW. They are having an unbelievable sale. Check it out:

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