Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shawn Green Hates Ken Dynamo

Today's game produced two more pieces of evidence. First Green's game-tying solo HR in the bottom of the 5th was fueled by sheer ire for my compatriot, Kenneth. Apparently Green could be heard to say, "How do you like Dem Apples, Dynamo?!" while rounding the bases. Then in the top of the 6th, with Andruw Jones on 1B, McCann knocked a double to right and Green made a great play to keep Jones from scoring (of course Francoeur singled on the next play to drive in both runs). That play was just further icing on the cake that is Green taunting Dynamo. Tune in to the post-game press conference on SNY for Green bashing Dynamo after the game.

Two more quick-hits on today's game:
1- Smoltz's barehanded stab and throw from the hole (I didn't even know there was a hole between the pitcher's mound and 3B) on Glavine's nubber in the bottom of the 5th was just a spectacular play. I'll try to link to the play-by-play of this gem after the game.

2- I almost like it when the other team leads off with a hit (in today's case a homerun). Otherwise I spend the whole time up until the first hit thinking that today is finally the day that the franchise gets off the schneid.


Rory B. Bellows said...

THIS JUST IN! In the bottom of the 6th, Green worked a walk to load the bases against Smoltz, after which Bobby Cox came out to argue balls and strikes and summarily got ejected from the game. So far Shawn Green has hit a HR, kept Jones from scoring from 1B on a double and gotten Cox ejected. What CAN'T he do?! At this rate he may come in for the save in the 9th.

Dave Magadan said...

Mr. Green and I are eternally linked via our 2nd grade Hebrew school rabbi.

Ken Dynamo said...

WTF - we are jinxing the shit out of everything. and only in greenie's case is it working out in our favor. at least the year is going to be more interesting with an actual rivalry.

ps - who else that paulie was a goner tonight?

Rory B. Bellows said...

"T Glavine grounded out to pitcher" doesn't nearly do that play justice.