Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cards' Starting Rotation

Has anyone looked at the Cardinals' starting rotation this year?

Chris Carpenter- 2006 ERA+ 143, WOW. This guy is unquestionably great and a steal at 5 years $63MM
Kip Wells- 2006 ERA+ 70, also WOW, but only 44 innings. Career ERA+ is 99 (IE- just below league average). $4MM/1 year, not a bad contract for a guy who averages 187 IP.
Anthony Reyes- 2006 ERA+ 87 (IE- significantly below league average). $362K/1 year, not bad either.
Adam Wainwright- 2006 ERA+ 141. Career 130 ERA+ in 77 IP. $419K/1 year, another good contract.
Braden Looper- 2006 ERA+ 124, career ERA+ 118 (all 608 of his career IP have come from the pen). $13.5MM/3 yr, not awful, if he can eat 150 IP or so.

A tremendous number of question marks on the staff. The Cards are going to have to significantly outproduce their 781 runs scored of a year ago in order to be successful this year. In fact, I'll say that they need at least 800 runs to win that division.

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