Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Spanish for: "The Niño"

So crappy weather is keeping the Mets from redeeming themselves after Saturday's debacle and Big Will from wearing no. 42. It also messed up my Cherry Blossom Festival plans. Stupid jerk weather.

I was going to take this time to do a 'how are we doing' analysis but I'd rather use this time to download some porno. So the quick & dirty: We're at a 40% chance to make the post season, our team ERA+ plus leads the league (still too many BB) and our team OPS+ is fourth in the league. Slugging is down so if we start launching more ding dongs we'll be doing even better (ok, yeah - file that under duh). In summation, enjoy your lead while you can, bravos. Stupid jerk bravos.

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