Sunday, April 1, 2007


Who knew Vegas had a bankrupty wish?

Upon opening today's paper to scour for the police blotter, I came across a heinous egregious felonious act. Vegas has placed the odds of the Mets winning the World Series at 5-1. Even 1-5 odds would be easy money, but FIVE TO ONE. Vegas is saying there's an 80% chance that Jose Reyes will not have a World Series MVP trophy come late November.

There are two people who will be partying harder than the soon-to-be all time stolen base leader at the end of this season, 1. me after cashing in my gambling ticket hence quintupling my money, 2. David Wright.

I could have ended my day having already witnessed my quota for shit-that's-fucked-up. But to no avail. Not only were the Mets dissed with the aforementioned odds, Vegas had the gaul to list one other team with even better odds. With 3-1 odds, drumroll please..........THOSE DILDOS FROM THE BRONX.

There's nothing more I enjoy than watching our boys from Flushing flush down the rest of the MLB, but hating the Yankees comes in a close second. The Yankees are 3-1 odds to win the World Series. Where Vegas gets off thinking the Yanks will make it out of the ALDS is one thing, but placing the highest odds in the hands of this:

I'll see you on the mound after game 6 of the 2007 WS, victoriously holding my ticket. The Mets climactically would have done this in game 7, but we had to push the celebration forward, since Trevor Hoffman blew the fucking All-Star game again.


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who doesnt? hooray for booze.