Sunday, April 8, 2007

I Double Wished on that Same Shooting Star

For the Braves to drop dead, NOW DROP DEAD! Do we take solace in the fact that our Pythagorean W-L is 5-1 and the Braves is 3-3 and that's a far better measure of future success than W-L record?

FUCK NO. Time to go drop our nuts on the Phils and wait for Friday Apr 20, when the Bravos come to Shea. In the meantime 5 games with the Phils (should end their season), a series with the Nats (Sorry Manny Acta), and a two-game set against the Marlins (likeable team, but too young).


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Ken Dynamo said...

that blew. except for delgado and green's gloves in the second game and half an inning from heilman (and horribly timed hitting) in the 3rd game we sweep that series.

hopefully there will be some good vioence and nudity when the sopranos return tonight. plus christ arose from the dead today so i cant feel all that bad.