Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still Unlucky

After last night's 8-1 thrashing of the Phils, the Mets have run their Pythagorean W-L to 10-2 (the Braves is 7-6). Nonetheless the Metropolitans remain 1/2 game behind the Braves for 1st place in the NL East. Tommy Glavine ran off win number 293 and Moises Alou, generally dropped his sweaty nuts on Freddy Garcia and the Phils.

On a side note, after the game Charlie Manuel offered to fight local radio host, Howard Eskin. I'd give him about another month before he gets fired. It's nice to see the Phillies crapping the bed this early. Now to take care of the Braves over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Howard Eskin should fight Manuel, he's got to do something now that he cannot just make shit up and call it the "Rumor Mill" on the George Michaels' Sports Machine.