Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An Honest Post

As I sit here watching the Metropolitans, a part of me is rooting for Braden Looper. I always felt he got a raw deal in New York. Granted he was a below average closer, but how many truly "great" closers are there? Did Mets fans feel supremely confident with John Franco (AKA Johnnie Fiasco) on the hill in the 9th? Or Benitez? Of course, we all yearn for the cerberus-like trio of McDowell, Aguilera and Orosco; but Looper just wasn't that bad and didn't deserve the hellish treatment he received during his 2 seasons in Queens.

Thus, I am now rooting for Maine to continue his dominance (it's the 4th inning and I won't say what type of game he has going now, but it hearkens back to a late 80's/early 90's WWF wrestler), and for the Mets to break through against the Cardinals bullpen.

PS- The 2007 MLB Payrolls were just released, and the Mets come in at a pedestrian $115MM (3rd highest in the league). These figures may be the basis of an upcoming post...look out!


Rory B. Bellows said...

And I take complete responsibility for Maine's little mini-meltdown in the 5th (2-on, 0-out, at the time of this writing).

Dave Magadan said...

Give me a Jeff Innis, Randy Myers combo anyday

rockyourface said...

Rory - That might be your best use of linkage yet. On a somewhat related note, I highly recommend the ol' Wiki for anybody wanting to learn about any WWE/F or WCW wrestler past or present. I killed a good 15 or 20 minutes today at work reading about 'Taker.