Tuesday, May 1, 2007

i just blogged in my pants

Though it features nothing but articles about the scum sucking sons of bitches known as the Atlanta Braves, I'd like to direct your attention to the amusing (tho simultaneously revolting) blog badbravesfan for once again linking to us (unique users up 25% this week! adsense dollars hear we come!) and to also touch on the fracas regarding this.

First, in my defense and in the name of my cyber cred that I have been trying to build up over at Metsblog, my original comment was intended to point out that Metsblog does whatever it wants at the expense of lesser blogs, especially blogs about the butt hole braves. Second, Cerrone is putting his real name out there (*ahem*) and makes a living off his blog, and altho I don't know him, I'm sure any plagiarizing is accidental, as he would have far more to lose by ripping off someone else' idea than by any respect he would get from coming up with the idea to quote some stupid ass Chuck Klosterman passage about the difference between nemesi and arch-enemies.

I'm sure some metsblog reader saw the badbravesfan post on Deadspin and then passed it on to Cerrone with his thots, without referencing anything but the Klosterman quote, which then promoted Cerrone to make his post and commentary.

Anyway, I should probably stop pretending anyone is listening to whats going on in our corner of the blogosphere, but I will leave you with this thot: All fucking braves must fucking die.

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