Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Big Papi Very Confused!

Apparently David Ortiz, who I happen to like and is, by most accounts, a pretty stellar dude, is quite confused:
First "Ortiz isn't 100 percent certain he hasn't taken steroids himself." WOW. Uhhh- I'm not sure whether I've ever been sodomized in a Mexican prison... but I mean taking steroids is a little different, right? RIGHT?

Second, "Count David Ortiz among those who isn't convinced Barry Bonds used illegal performance-enhancing drugs." UGH- is this a joke...? I'll just directly quote from the San Francisco Chronicle here (with a tip o'the cap to FJM):
Barry Bonds told a federal grand jury that he used a clear substance and a cream supplied by the Burlingame laboratory now enmeshed in a sports doping scandal, but he said he never thought they were steroids, The Chronicle has learned.

Federal prosecutors charge that the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, known as BALCO, distributed undetectable steroids to elite athletes in the form of a clear substance that was taken orally and a cream that was rubbed onto the body.

Bonds testified that he had received and used clear and cream substances from his personal strength trainer, Greg Anderson, during the 2003 baseball season but was told they were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis, according to a transcript of his testimony reviewed by The Chronicle.

Federal prosecutors confronted Bonds during his testimony on Dec. 4, 2003, with documents indicating he had used steroids and human growth hormone during a three-year assault on baseball's home run record, but the Giants star denied the allegations.

During the three-hour proceeding, two prosecutors presented Bonds with documents that allegedly detailed his use of a long list of drugs: human growth hormone, Depo-Testosterone, undetectable steroids known as "the cream" and "the clear," insulin and Clomid, a drug for female infertility sometimes used to enhance the effect of testosterone.

The documents, many with Bonds' name on them, are dated from 2001 through 2003. They include a laboratory test result that could reflect steroid use and what appeared to be schedules of drug use with billing information, prosecutors told the grand jury.

In a September 2003 raid on Anderson's Burlingame home, federal investigators seized documents they said showed Bonds was using banned drugs, according to court records. Anderson was indicted in February on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to distribute steroids in the BALCO case.

Your turn to respond, PAPI! The gauntlet has been thrown down:

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BOOYAKASHA, PAPI! I'll be here waiting for your evidence. You can e-mail me at Rory.B.Bellows@BondsDidSteroids.com

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