Monday, May 21, 2007

Nice zits, Clippard

One of the greatest things about having a massive 42'' Panasonic projection TV is the ability to see, in in stunning high definition detail, the disgusting acne riddled face of Yanqui pitcher Tyler Clippard. Some of the sting of getting shut down by a rookie bee-otch was mitigated by knowing the guy who just mowed down your team still scrubs his turkey neck with Clearasil pads.

I also laughed when Darrell Rasner broke his hand. Ha Ha Ha, F-U, puss-wa.

Now its time for those fuckin' Braves again. For this series, 2 of 3 won't be good enough. Screw 'natural rivals' weekend, I want a bloodbath. And again, as if I need one more reason to despise these rotten sons of sons of bitchs, we now have proof that all Georgians are fascist nazi scumbags.

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