Thursday, May 17, 2007

Willie Causes Heart Attack, METS WIN!

So after last night's rain-delayed game lasted until the wee hours of the morning Willie decided to give many of his regulars the day off (a move I wholeheartedly applaud, particularly with the Yankees coming up this weekend). Jason Vargas was fine for a AAA pitcher (7 IP, 5 ER, on 2 HR), Ambiorix Burgos was excellent (2 IP, 0 R) and Eric Cooper's 9th inning strike zone was about the size of Lindsay Lohan's right nipple.

I'm a huge nitpicker, I realize, as everything Willie did worked out today and the Mets won in extremely exciting fashion. But down 5-2 with the bases loaded in the Bottom of the 9th you let Ruben Gotay hit?! With Reyes and Wright both on the bench?! REALLY?!?! Then you pinch hit for Green anyway against Scott Eyre?! REALLY?! AND LEAVE REYES ON THE BENCH ALL GAME?!?! As a side note Gotay and Newhan's ability to play SS and 2B, shouldn't be completely overlooked here. It's a nice little bonus that allows the manager more freedom to make substitutions and play with lineups, etc. Also- after the game on the SNY postgame chat with Willie, the manager noted that he "had a feeling" about Gotay getting a hit there. I'm just hoping he doesn't have a feeling about benching Reyes or lobbying to sign Jose Canseco, or pitching LoDuca tomorrow.

Or, maybe I'm just bitter that I gave away tickets because I had a bar review class...


Rory B. Bellows said...

That Lohan linkage was for you, RockYourFace. I'm thinking that's the new clubhouse leader for "best linkage" overtaking Mr. Perfect.

Ken Dynamo said...

you nitpick, i niptick. everyone wins.