Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Big Fun 4/28-4/30

Whats more fun then watching the Mets play at RFK? How bout getting sauced and watching the Mets play at Major League Baseball's biggest dump!

The fun started at a trendy downtown happy hour where they serve $1.50 drafts in plastic cups. You can order them in multiples of eight called, 'buffets'. I was a little late arriving so I wasted no time digging in. One on my co-drinkers summed up my attack with the statement "I thought I was on a decent pace with the buffet until Dynamo showed up." God damn right.

Each beer quaffed at the bar was 5 bucks we didn't have to spend at RFK, so we missed the first inning or so getting our money's worth. We then bought the cheapest seats possible, but in this shit box (excuse me, shit donut) it's still a rip off.

Nose. Bleed.
So you'll have to indulge me now as I post a bunch of gratuitous pics I took of my friends, like these two pals here.

Some of these pics are also to prove that I hang out with live women.

You can't really tell in these pictures but we never stop drinking beer. Ever.

Thats sometime commenter RockYourFace on the right. He looks displeased but on the inside he is happy because he is watching Oliver Perez get out dueled by Matt Chico's bail bonds and he roots against the Mets whenever possible. He is a big jerk that way.

So the game ends and most people don't care but I am disgusted. I couldn't really tell you much about the game tho, because I could friggin see anything. Probably better that way. Anyway on to game two of the series.

See the difference? I snagged some corporate seats because I am a big shot titan of industry here in the District. Even got hooked up with the free buffet (real food this time) in the 'diamond club' section. The food was gross but I stuffed my face because it was free. The beers were not, however, so I took advantage of the fully stocked bar and pounded 2 jack and cokes before game time.

I'd say the stadium was 1/3 Mets fans. It looked like more at first but that is I think because most of the Mets fan were sporting their colors, while the Nats fans hadn't accumulated nearly as much team bling. I tried to capture the fan dynamic after something good happened for the Mets but all I had was my shitty, shitty camera phone so your best guess is as good as mine.

This is where the 1st best ump -what's his name again Rory?- tried to fuck us. Again, shitty, shitty camera phone, but that's Big Will doing his best tough guy impersonation.

Here are the Nationals' Brewers' Sasuage Race rip off. The big bit is Teddy Roosevelt acts like a big idiot every time and never EVER wins. Its actually pretty funny, especially if you're drunk.

So it's quite the pitchers duel and the Geezer comes up with some mega clutch hitting. We don't stay past the 10th inning because I am again with people who couldn't care less. I didn't mind leaving all that much because my feeling is if we blow it extra innings then I'd prefer not be around to see it, but if we do win, well then at least there is a silver lining.

And we did win, so I could ride the subway (effeminately called the Metro) home knowing we did our job. Plus there was a Club Beer Party waiting in my basement This is what Sunday morning looked like.

Yes. Beers.

Theres quite a few more pics from the actual night but that's for a different blog (GO BEERS DIE LIVER?) Suffice to say I was not making it to the game Sunday at 1:05.

Thanks C-Belts, job well done. We win the rubber match and salvage adequacy from a potentially wretched series.

And yes, my TV rules and so do I.


Rory B. Bellows said...

Tony Randazzo, and he sucks. F him. HE SCREWED US AGAIN, COSTANZA!

Dave Magadan said...

These photos show no evidence that Dynamo was actually at the game

Rory B. Bellows said...

Dynamo- the blonde girl in the third picture down is CLEARLY Chloe O'Brian. I can only hope you make her say, "HE DIDN'T METABOLIZE THE ALCOHOL!" every time you see her.

Leigh Anna said...

Who the fuck is Chloe O'Brian?! If you are talking about 24 I swear to god I'm going to go Jack Bauer on your ass whether or not I know who you are.

Ogilvee said...

Spermen and Veegle are such good friends. Look at them!!! They are about to make out!!! HAHAHAHA

Ogilvee said...

It is crazy though, that guy in the third picture looks just like Chandler Bing from Friends!! I can't believe it!!!!

Rory B. Bellows said...

Bring it Leigh Anna. You got NOTHING! After watching the last few episodes of 24 your threat to go "Jack Bauer" on me, doesn't scare me at all. Apparently you're going to protect me from agents and attempt to commit suicide.

Ken Dynamo said...

i think its safe to say the CBP has really taken off now that battlestar galactica has become a central theme of CBParties. I'm glad the wiki article is reflecting this. if any more proof was needed that BSG is big at CBP just check out the latest CBP threads on late night shots.