Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Going Through the Blogs

So here's 2 quick links to other blogs for you:

1- An industrious VivaElBirdos reader has taken the time to come up with, what seems to me, to be an interesting statistic. Solanos, the reader, has looked at overall W-L record, W-L record immediately before a series and W-L record immediately after a series to derive "Challenge Rating" (basically a stepped-up strength of schedule type metric). You can head on over there yourselves to see the actual statistic and graphs (really interesting stuff). Although I'm still a firm believer in independent trials, therefore the fact that a team happened to be "hot" coming into a series doesn't mean they will continue to be "hot" during that series, the stat does seem to be an improvement over traditional strength of schedule.

2- ProjectProspect has updated their list of the Top 50 prospects in the game. The Mets entries are as follows: 17- OF Fernando Martinez (whose been out recently with a finger injury); 28- OF Carlos Gomez (who I think has been quite good at the major league level recently) and 49- P Phil Humber.

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The Bravos have C/1B Jarrod "Don't Call Me Ralph" SaltalaMACCHIO at #14 and SS Elvis Andrus at #37. As for Saltalamacchia I understand a lot of teams have Saltalamacchia rated higher than McCann, but the Braves won't trade him. Therefore, particularly with Craig Wilson's release we should expect one of them to move to 1B permanently (ala Mike Jacobs/Josh Willingham)

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