Thursday, May 24, 2007

Braves Win Pyrrhic Victory, Mets Will Win War!

With Renteria, Francouer, Andruw, and McCann going a combined 1 for 12, the Braves were thoroughly embarrassed last night. Smoltz got win #200, to which Tommy Glavine reportedly said, "200?! HA! What is that, some kind of joke?! 200?! In 35 more years he might get to 250 with that scheisse lineup they put on the field in Atlanta."

Mets lead in the NL East down to 1.5 games heading into a 3-game-set in Florida. Duque vs. Sergio Mitre, Maine vs. Obermueller, Sosa vs. Olsen. Interestingly the Marlins were involved in a bizarre 11-inning walk-off win today, in which the benches cleared and Fredi Gonzalez was ejected. It's a short trip from Atlanta to Miami, so the Mets should be rested and the Marlins should be a little tired. Also the Mets miss Dontrelle in the rotation. Rory's prediction: METS SWEEP! Hopefully Willie has instituted a rule prohibiting late night taxi rides to Little Havana for Cuban food.

One final note- don't forget to vote for the Mets for this year's All-Star Game. Particularly vote for the following Mets who have ASG-selection bonuses in their contracts:
Wagner- $25K
LoDuca- $25K
Duque- $50K (for ASG MVP)
Valentin- $25K for ASG appearance ($50K for ASG MVP)
Delgado- $50K
Glavine- $50K

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Rory B. Bellows said...

I find it somehow hilariously relevant that my grandmother insists Tom Glavine is Jewish (so is she!) and calls him "Gluh-veen" or "Gluh-vine."