Tuesday, May 29, 2007

David Newhan is a frackin cylon

We have an infiltrator this season. Someone who has taken on the shape and form of a Met in order to circumvent our defenses and obliterate the organization from the universe. And this insidious threat is David Newhan.

Look, I know these Cylons and their tricks. It's all huggy-kissy when you first meet them in their sexy red dress and smokin hot body, but they're just using you to steal your secrets and exploit the holes in your system code to bring about your species' annihilation.

Thats Newhan's plan for the Mets!!!

You saw him show up to camp, indistinguishable from the rest of the team in his 'Mets' hat and 'Mets' uniform and then do nothing but shit the bed. Check out these numbers: .194/.326/.278!

You think thats just a slump and small sample size? Well how about this, -0.45 WPA!

We've got to take care of this robotic son of a bitch before it's too late.

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