Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Larry Jones wears diapers

It's a real dog fight in the NL East so I think it's time we all refocus our power and concentrate on the real task at hand. Hating the G.D.M.F. Braves. I hate them with all 190 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal that is my body. And as if I needed any more reasons (i don't, duh) to want to stab all Braves in the throat with Takezo Kensei's sword, here comes Larry Jones with another cry baby hissy fit.

Thats great, pussy, too bad the Mets have and have had the hardest interleague schedule every year. Try playing the Yanquis 6 times every year, butthole. And as Bobbie Neyer pointed out, why don't you bitch about it through the proper channels, ie the players union, which must approve every league schedule before the season starts? Oh yeah, because you're a stupid idiot with a moron for a face, that's why.
The Braves are also making headlines because they have no black people on their team, er, make that no African Americans, and Jessie Jackson wants to change that.
Without getting into the merit of The Reverend Jackson's arguement, I'd just like to point out that he is right about one thing: the Braves have eschewed mining the urban demographic and have instead been focusing all their resources on recruiting this segment of the population.

Braves: FOD

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Grimey said...

Beasley, "As I expected, [Schuerholz's] idea is the bottom line: I'll put the best 40 men I can get wherever I can get them from on the field, and that's fair. But the fact of the matter is if they put resources into recruiting here in the United States, and more specifically here in Atlanta, there are talented players here."

You mean like Jeff Francoeur and Brian McCann? What an ass.