Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let's see whats in the box...


Which is exactly what the Mets got before the trade deadline!

I'm fine with that though, because as Kuni said, "Red Snappa very tasty fish!"

So we're stuck with what we got, which includes our nearly bare farm system. There are still a few things the Mets can do to improve their odds of making the playoffs, which are still over 50% right now. I talk about that and more in my latest in depth hard hitting report over at Flushing University. Read it, or take a drink from my fire hose!

Also, to follow up on yesterday's MtG's nerd dropping, check out what this collectible card gaming enthusiast had to say about my radical Hypnotic Specter:
What can I say about my good old hypnotic specter? This card has the perfect casting cost, a 2/2 flyer for 3 mana, right on the mana curve. It's ability however, is what makes it so special. The random discard easily tops the ability of Abbysal Specters and the other imitations. A first turn Hypnotic Specter via dark ritual can force opponents to discard some of their best cards before they have the mana to play them.
Hey! Get out of here you fucking dork!

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