Friday, August 1, 2008

FYF Pumpitude twofer: Big Pud & Rambo edition

It's a shame when such a gritty, hustling dirtdog like Big Pud gets treated like this.

A shame because he should not have received even a modicum of the respect Manny Acta afforded this low life when he broke the news. A more suitable dismissal would have gone more like this:
Acta: Lo Duca, step into my office; because you're fuckin fired!
Big Pud [weeping]: I suck.
Luckily it doesn't take a lot of dough to impress 19 year old babysitters so Big Pud should still be rolling in the teenage snatch long into his permanent vacation. What a real piece of shit that guy is. Fuck you Paulie!

Now, to get pumped up for the weekend series against the Asstros (that gets funnier every time I type it!) I'm going to skip the heavy metal and include a timeless movie classic. Sly Stallone's 2008 release of Rambo got a lot of bad reviews. Oddly, the bad reviews made me want to watch more than than good reviews. Like this one:
The fourth and, amazingly, the most meat-headed adventure yet of the killing machine John Rambo can safely be recommended to people who hate intelligence and love exploding body parts.
Wow, that sounds like the perfect movie to me.

Say, who's that on the 5o cal machine gun? Uh oh, looks like- KA-BLAMMO!

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