Friday, August 8, 2008

FYF: US Women's soccer team

I might as well say now that the next two weeks will most be filled with nothing but Summer Olympic posts but I'm assuming no one is going to care.

Anyways, fuck the Women's soccer team. back in 2007 Women's World Cup, their dumb ass of a head coach, Greg Ryan, decided to bench the best goalie in the world, hot piece of ace Hope Solo, during the semi final game against Brazil in favor of Brianna Scurry, based on the retarded reasoning that Scurry played an entirely different Brazil team well 3 years ago.

Unpredictably, the US lost and Scurry played like dog shit. Solo was like wise unpredictably furious and had the temerity to say so in a post game interview. Then the rest of her team got all PMS-y on her for 'putting herself before the team', egged on undoubtedly by the fucking retard of a coach Ryan so he would look less stupid for that retarded bit of tactics that blew up in his retarded face.

So now that the U.S. women's soccer team has decided that team harmony is more important than winning, I've decided that they don't deserve to win anymore. Fuck them and their stupid cry baby team of losers. I am glad Norway already beat their asses before the opening ceremonies. Boo to the US women's soccer team, Yea to all other women's soccer teams.

PS I don't mean for this to sound overtly misogynistic. In fact, I hate guys, I LOVE WOMEN!

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