Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thanks for nothing ESPN

Sometimes living out of market can really suck. Like when you finally get psyched to see a nationally televised game in HD against those asshole Cardinals and not only to the Mets get waxed like a candle but you have to listen to that asshole Steve Philips while it happens.

Philips likes to joke around about how Mets fans still tease him about his time as GM, like its some cute little love/hate relationship. Wrong, it's all hate, Steve, all hate.

ESPN, Steve Philips is neither witty nor insightful nor personable. Why is he employed?

This broadcast, by the way, was following a Fox, Joe Buck/Tim McCarver shitshow in which the Mets we're drubbed by the Yankees. Meanwhile, Cary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling all announce the shit out of those buttcakes.

You know what doesn't suck to listen to though? Girl Talk. You can download his new album totally for free here. Aw motherfuckin yeah.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen that pic before:

Stevie Phillips