Friday, July 11, 2008

FYF: Beltran haters

My adoration of Carlos Beltran knows no bounds. Yes, D-dubs is the media's dreamy great white hope, and I am all over his and Reyes jock sweat like every other good Mets fan, but there can be only one Numero Uno in mi libro, and thats C Belty-Belts.

Stupid Mets fans like to rag on him for all sorts of dumb reasons. Not clutch, over paid, doesn't hustle, doesn't care. Ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. For one thing, look at Carlos' mole. Why, his mole is so big, his mole has a mole, and IT'S mole is bigger than you're mole (and by mole I mean peene).

Alright, so maybe that wasn't the best example. Let me instead turn the floor over to the consummate professional over at, Ted Berg.
Simply put, Beltran is as fundamentally sound a player as there is in baseball and he never gets credit for it. In terms of baseball IQ, he's a genius. Carlos Beltran is -- and has been since 2006 -- one of the best outfielders in baseball. The sad thing is that many Mets fans might never realize it until he's gone. Luckily for those that do, Beltran is under contract through 2011, giving us plenty more time to enjoy watching him play.
You are the man, Ted Berg. The rest of your column is well worth the read. In fact, everyone on earth should be given a copy and be quizzed on it's contents daily. Please, Ted Berg, take a bow.

In conclusion, fuck you Beltran haters. Also, nice stache, dude.

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