Thursday, July 10, 2008

GMDB EXCLUSIVE: Robocop spotted at Shea Stadium

This photo, snapped by Flushing University editor and total badass, Mike McGann, is all the proof you need. When asked to comment on his rare public appearance outside of Old Detroit, Robocop replied, "You can call me Robocop, but my friends call me Murphy."

Speaking of Flushing University, here are links to all the FU articles I've written in the last couple months or so.

Here's my first column about how I much I hate the Braves, which was really hard to do without cursing.

Here's my second, really boring and really shitty, column where I talk about Moneyball, my favorite book that doesn't include Harry Potter erotic fan fiction.

And here is where I bitch about Red Sox fans (which got a total of ZERO comments in the forum boards - man I am on a roll, now!)

This is one about how shitty play by the Mets batters got Willie Randolph fired, and when I finally start including some actual jokes, if you want to call them jokes.

And a follow up here full of more dorky stats and lame jokes except this time I only discuss the pitching staff.

This is my favorite so far, where I dump all over the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia (also, by the way: GO GIANTS DIE EAGLES!)

And finally, my latest piece of shit, that has nothing to do with the Mets, or even baseball, and everything to do with my awful taste in stupid movies.

Read 'em all! It's great fun! If you're a really bored loser!

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