Thursday, July 3, 2008

Met drink Braves' milkshake

As shitty as things have been in Mets-town latley, Craig Calculatorra explains why things are even shittier in Bravo-world.

Can't wait until Teixiera is starting at first base next year. And don't give me any crap about not wanting to overpay for him. Fuck that, it's not my money. Over pay. This isn't some flakey pitcher who's arm could fall off at any moment. This is a proven masher (131 career OPS+) who will only be 29 next year.

Plus signing Tex will have the added benefit of being a good 'here's nut in your eye' to Atlanta.

As Craigers says*: "There has still been a sense that at any given time the Braves were only a winning streak away from glory. That's still technically true, but it's time for us to let go and face reality."

Yes, the reality that their team is full of rotten bastards. Die, Braves, die.

*It should be noted Craig shares none of the thoughts expressed in this post, nor would he ever assign such rank, hyperbolic, derogatory attributes to players that I am so fond of doing. In all sincerity, Craig and his blog are legit, whereas as this blog is an obvious piece of shit, and I apologize if there is any confusion regarding the two wholly separate opinions shared therein.

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Anonymous said...

The Braves will start worrying about the silly Mets when David Wright can justifiably name his kid "Turner." Until then, not so worried 'bout the Mutts.