Monday, July 7, 2008

You mean we're still in this?

It's baffling to me that the Mets are only 3.5 back from the 1st place Phillies and can cut that 2.5 by the end of today. Pretty soon Omar will have to decide if the Mets are buyers or sellers as the trade deadline is approaching and as C.C. Somebanthia* knows, some teams are already making their moves.

The good news (kind of) is we have no prospects, so Omar can't trade them away! Except F-Mart, of course, but if he gets traded for anyone except Albert Pujols, Omar will die (of embarrassment from all the bad press; and from strangulation by me).

Anyway, today is a still a big game, so hopefully Peter Martinson can give us even a pale resemblance of his former self and pitch a semi decent game. Lets get pumped up with some classic AC/DC live. As Artie Lange would say: FIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAA!

*feeble Star Wars pun on Banthas, the huge mammoth-like pack animals of the Sand People. I know, I suck. Sorry!

P.S. As you're all well aware, the blog is completely bereft of any credibility whatsoever. But thats okay, because I enjoy being able to link to stuff like Clit Notes without worrying about my reputation (reputation, hah!). Then I see something like this (kinda not safe for work) linked to on The Big Lead and all I can think is, hey man, I've been drawing fake penises and making blatantly homophobic jokes for like, 2 years now, TBL, what do I have to do to get a link? I guess my next post should involve a tribute to Will Smith or something.


Anonymous said...

The Sports Hernia.

Ken Dynamo said...

yes the Tampa Bay Gays post was from the sports hernia and was quit excelent. one of the best things ive ever seen really. going to have to start checking that website more often.