Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mid-Trip Update

So we're almost halfway through the vaunted Phillies/Braves trip, where the Metropolitans had a good chance to end any and all hopes of anyone else winning the NL East. Moreover, I caught the game in Philly last night (the awful Ryan Howard walk-off, Rory B. Bellows wants to kill himself game).

Also- a quick sidenote on a this game... lost in the shuffle was LoDuca's overthrow in the 8th inning. With Shane Victorino representing the tying run on first base, Victorino attempts to steal second. Heilman, btw, was very quick to the plate on the play and Victorino could have easily been thrown out at second base. However, LoDuca tosses the ball into center field, thus allowing for Victorino to reach 3b. Then Rowand gets an infield single and Victorino scores. DAMN YOU, LODUCA!!! Jayson Werth then hit an infield single also (on which, btw, there may have been a play at 3B on Victorino if LoDuca didn't overthrow 2b on the attempted steal, ahh, but I digress), so perhaps I'm picking nits here, but I don't think so and LoDuca stinks!

Thus Rory B. Bellows' road trip continues. Thus far I've taken in Philadelphia and Atlantic City (I can be seen at the Trop'spoker tables with some frequency), and am eagerly awaiting the 3 game set in Atlanta. Hopefully there will be pictures to follow. GO METS! DIE BRAVES! (And now Die Phillies, too!)

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rockyourface said...

Were you in Philly for all 3 games? When can we expect eye-witness accounts? The Mets locked up the division with this series, right? No? Why did people have brooms at the game today? Silly Philly fans.