Monday, August 13, 2007

Mets Pitching

Stupendous article on the mets pitching from the hardballtimes. Don't believe anything anyone says that contradicts it. That means Rocky Horror' Schoeneweis was a terrible signing, trading away Heath Bell was stupid, Glavine must retire next year and, most surprisingly, Guilleroids Mota is one of the best relievers we have. Anyone who says differently is an uneducated simpletons and I've no time to countenance their ignorant claims.

I've also no time for any more stupid bullshit about Rick Ankiel. Fuck him. Oh great, you used to pitch in the majors but then you blew it in the playoffs. Now you're attempting to be a two time loser by failing in the outfield too. Congratulations, loser. Does anyone care what Chuck Knoblach or Macky Sasser are doing these days? Next time a 28 year old Met prospect with a .25 BB/K ratio gets called up to replace a chin-pubed asshole doing a stint in rehab I'll be sure to go just as apeshit over it.

Look - Rick Ankiel needs a blow job bib because he LOVES giving BLOWJOBS.

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