Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bienvenido Atlantardos

Hi guys - I hope you are basking in the unexpected glory of last night's win; sincerely I do. As I have mentioned previously, the more pumped up y'all (that colloquialism was for you!) get, the sweeter vengeance will taste.

And just as Superman needs Lex Luthor or Lobo needs Santa Claus, GMDB can't exist without you putrid barf bags to hate on. So while I despise the braves with ever scintilla of my being, as with any good rivalry, I admit, I will miss you once you are thoroughly vanquished from this earth.

So as not to be entirely heartless, I've found this link on pegging to prepare you for tonight and tomorrow night's brutal ass savaging you will assuredly receive from the 'Mutts' (good one!).

Hope it helps.


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