Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Here's how I remeber SD2K7

Friday 7pm - Airport (DCA) with enough time for 1 beer.

  • Flight delayed 30 minutes. Make that 2 beers.
  • 1hr delay - 3 beers
  • 2 hr delay - 5, no, 6 beers!

Friday 11:30pm - sitting on the tarmac waiting for my fucking delta shuttle to take off.

  • After drinking at the Gordon Birsch Brewery Ariport Bar and Lounge I am convinced my first son's name should be Bierce. Like Pierce but sounds like Beers.
  • The plane is in the air and I can finally play drunk Nintendo DS. Run you stupid Italian plumber, run!

Friday 1:30am - In Manhattan at Kahmel's apartment. Time for a quick drink at the bar then call it a night.

  • Oh wait, New York has no last call.
  • Booze in the city until 5am, including a night cap back at Kahmel's place.

Saturday 11:30am - check my messages which include a chafed Rory B Bellows informing me that I am assumed "passed out" and tickets for me will be left at will call.

  • My trek to Shea begins - Kahmel becomes a casualty halfway to Grand Central.
  • Burger King is out of burgers (seriously? Burger King? more like Burger Serf!), postponing my brunch.
  • Ride the punctual 7-train full of McDonalds and still quite a bit off alcohol.

Saturday 1:10pm - Arrive at Shea in time to thwart Magadan's oh-so-funny bet with Rory.

  • Immediately start sweating booze.
  • Jeans were a terrible idea.
  • We win. Washington sucks the dicks!

Saturday 4ish - Intermission at E-Lawn's (the electronic grass yard) apartment

  • Rory forces beer on me as punishment for my tardiness.
  • A nap would be spectacular, but there is no rest for the weary or hungover on Shea Day.

Saturday 7pm - Shea Day 2k7 in full Wreckx-N-Effect

  • Tall cold ones and ice cream sundae. YUMMMMMM!
  • I Enjoy the 11 year old kid sitting behind me explain to his mom that his booing of Mike Pelfrey is justified because Mike Pelfrey in fact 'sucks' and that Mike Pelfrey will never be a quality major league starter because Mike Pelfrey is a 'fucking piece of shit'. If GMDB ever needs an intern I'm calling this guy.
  • We lose. We sucks the dicks!

Saturday 11:30pm - Uber trendy and intra-capitalized neighborhood TriBeCa

  • Our crew meets up with the remants of a ravged party full of old friends far drunker than I.
  • Consumed by jealousy and thirst, I vow to catch up by the end of the night.
  • Success!

Sunday all day - Sunday Funday

  • Breakfast burrito and mimosas at Blockheads. YUM YUM DIM SUM.
  • More flight delays, more tall cold ones.

Monday 9:30am - back at the office.

  • Death stops by and tells me he sees a lot off potential in my lifestyle. Death encourages me to keep up the good work and that he'll see me again soon.
  • That condescending son of a bitch.

What a sweet weekend. And it only took me until Wednesday to feel like a human being again. Go beers, die liver!

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