Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just in case anyone was wondering, those last two posts were NOT written by me. A full critique of each poorly constructed diatribe is forthcoming. One quick thing to note is that I did find out that the majority of rockyourface's overwrought essay was supposedly a parody of Artie Lange's movie, Beerleague.

Yeah I didn't see it either. But Union, NJ's Artlie Lange is a comedic powerhouse, and in his honor, please enjoy these two clips from the triumph of cinema Dirty Work.

Also fuck Pat Burrell.


rockyourface said...

A summary, not a parody.

Ken Dynamo said...

um, a summary wouldnt have substituted the mets and dodgers for the two teams playing. a summary would also probably start with something like "this is what happened in the last big scene of the movie beerleague"

but maybe im just nitpicking

Dennis Rasmussen said...

Why are you editing comments posted by Matthew Cerrone on my blog posting? Why are you relying on censorship rather than allowing an open forum for discussion?

Ken Dynamo said...

no comments are being edited, thats not even possible. i wish you would get a clue before you mouth off. you are really are quite ignorant, rasmussen.

rockyourface said...

Agreed that we are picking nits here, but perhaps a better statement concerning my posting would have been that it is was a parody of the mets v. dodgers games, rather than a parody of Beer League.