Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guest blog critique

1. Denis 'the penis' Rasmussen (career ERA+ 93 comparable career to Bobby Jones)

Denis starts with some Ken Dynamo bashing; some of it valid (the KSK), some completely false (I would never stoop to hawking this site to the unwashed masses of Late Night Shots. That website is so fucking gay). He then goes on to insult Mets fans with lame bigotry and a link to a 'study' that shows absolutely nothing. He then points out an obvious trade that all Mets fans would like to rescind and then complains about the Mets' supposed weaker division. He finishes off with a MS Paint of David Wright drinking from a bag of seaman.

There is some potential in his post. The attitude is good and the attempts at humor are on the right track. But Denis is sloppy in his attention to detail and his jokes poorly mask his raging insecurities. Southern California is no paradise (nor Xanadu), though I'm sure the hordes of illegal Mexicans and conniving, dog-eating Asians will tell you differently.

If Denis had come even remotely close to staying with the pro-Mets anti-Braves theme of this blog I might have given him the benefit of the doubt, but he doesn't and frankly, his bitter, cranky post doesn't deserve it.

grade: C -

2. rockyourface

I was originally just going to give ryf an incomplete and be done with it, because I couldn't understand what the fuck he was talking about, but I guess he was doing a parody of Bearleague (or a parody of he Mets game, whatever). rya suffers from verbal diarrhea, making his post interminably dull. He uses hack phrasing (changing a sentence structure from SVO to SOV does not a funnier joke make) and terrible metaphors (Beckman and the MLS? Really?). If brevity is the soul of wit, than rockyourface's wit's soul is as cold and black as his own.

ryf at least manages to comes to grip with his Mets envy and his post could pass the GMDB content bare minimum requirements. But he also constantly referred to himself in 3rd person like a huge douche. If rya trimmed is post but at least half, we may have been able to salvage something. Instead we're stuck with this traffic jam of bullshit.

grade: D+


rockyourface said...

Another good trade the Mets made was Kazmir for Victor Zambrano. Mets fans will be enjoying that trade for years to come.

Ken Dynamo said...

wow, the kazmir trade. way to be timely and orignal with that reference. and mets fans will be enjoying that fruits of that trade since it got the last remants of the phillips/duqette era out of NY and ushered in the Minaya glory years.

how's duquette working out in bmore by the way? what great moves has he been able to pull off for the o's?

rockyourface said...

If you would like to have a discussion of past Orioles trades in the proper venue, I would be more than happy to. As this is a Mets board, this is neither the time, nor the place.

I would be more than happy to discuss your GM and his despicable use of the race card to get Latino players to sign with the Mets.

Anonymous said...

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