Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Nothing like getting up at 6:30, so that you can take 3 hours off in the middle of the day to watch the Mets (the ole conference room here at Tankard, Lee & Quips, P.C. has a nice television setup) at work and finding out that the game has been delayed due to a "water main break," which I'm pretty sure just means that the Mets 3rd starter had to pee. Then going back to your office (overlooking the parking lot here in lovely Suburbia, N.J.) and getting back to work. Imagine two hours later you tune into the Gameday Audio on only to find that the METS ARE DOWN 13-1 TO THE FREAKING PIRATES?!?!?!


Ken Dynamo said...

i thought you worked at Dewey, Cheatam & Howe.

holy crap did that suck it the big one.

rockyourface said...

Don't pay attention to Ken. I'm just glad you're back posting again Rory, it's been so long.

Ken Dynamo said...

i was talking about the mets game.