Friday, May 2, 2008

FYF: Barry Zito

Why would I still be bitter at Barryl Zino for rejecting the Mets in free agency two years ago when he sucks tremendous ass now to the point of being relegated to the bullpen? Well, because I'm not really, but he is still a butt head and I'm on a tight schedule today and I already made this joke about the picture below yesterday in the comments of an Amazin Avenue post. You know what they say, re-use, re-new, re-cylce, re-bocop.

After this year, the Giants still owe him NINETY-SIX MILLION DOLLARS. Nice allocation of resources San Francisco. Think of all the delicious Wendy's Junior Bacon Classics you could have had for the money you wasted on this poopscicle. Yeah, thats a lot of JBCs. Nice.

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